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filling machine line manufacture
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Your Best Packaging Machine and Filling Machine Manufacturer

MAKWELL with 15 years of experience in Packaging machine and Filling machine equipment and over 100 customers worldwide, MAKWELL has the resources and expertise to deliver optimal solutions within budget.

MAKWELL has a registered capital of 5,000,000 U.S. dollars and covers an area of 3,000 square meters. Meanwhile, we have obtained ISO9001:2000 certificate, CE certificate, GMP certificate and the manufacturing license.

MAKWELL Packaging Machine and Filling Machineto Support your Project and Business

  • Senior engineers with more than 15 years of experience in the packaging machine and filling machine equipment industry
  • We have an experienced after-sales service team that can provide you with prompt and fast after-sales service
  • Our parts suppliers are Siemens, ABB, Schneider, Omron, Mitsubishi, FESTO, etc.
  • Full Certification including ISO9001, CE and more
  • Warranty time is 2 years
  • MAKWELL Factory

All Type of Packaging and Filling Machine to Support Your Projects

filling machine

Filling speed and filling range are adjustable. The machine can be customized according to different products and bottles and bags.

tube filling and sealing machine

Tube Filling and Sealing Machines are suitable for plastic tubes and aluminum tubes. It can fill toothpaste, body lotion, ointment, cream and other products, etc.

capping machine

It can be used in many different cap types, such as pump head caps, spray caps, etc. Cost-effective and easy to use.

packaging machine

It can be packed in back-sealed bags, three-side-sealed bags, and four-side-sealed bags. Suitable for sauces, powders, shampoos, etc.

labeling machine

Fast labeling speed and high accuracy. Can be equipped with date printing function. Both round and flat bottles can be labeled.

Mixer machine

Different types of mixing tanks. The capacity and function can be customized according to the product.

Mayonnaise Filling Machine

Filling machine specially designed for mayonnaise. Automatic induction, no filling without bottle. The filling accuracy is high and easy to adjust.

Filling Machine to Rocket Your Projects

Whether you need an automatic packaging machine or a semi-automatic filing machine, MAKWELL can meet your different needs As one of the best filling machine equipment manufacturers in China, MAKWELL’s filling machines comply with CE standards and have passed ISO9001 certification.

MAKWELL filling machines equipment fill many containers with products at a constant level. Filling machines are essential for companies that fill and pack bags, pouches, jars, sachets, bottles, and other types of containers with food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, etc.

Among our filling machines equipment parts suppliers are well-known brands such as Siemens, ABB, Schneider, Omron, Mitsubishi, FESTO, etc.

You can trust us to provide you a reliable filling machines equipment. Our company has obtained ISO9001:2000 certificate, CE, GMP, and manufacturing licenses. Providing our clients with the best service!

Why Makwell is Trusted by Global Leading Brand Over 200 Clients

Over 15 Years filling machine Manufacturing Experience

MAKWELL has more than 15 years of experience in the filling machine manufacturing industry, and we can provide any type of filling machine for your project.

2 years warranty service

We provide a 2-year machine warranty service, and provide online installation training and on-site maintenance, installation and commissioning.

Filling Machine Fully Customized

MAKWELL can provide you with fully customized services according to the characteristics of your products

Professional engineers

MAKWELL has senior engineers with 15 years of experience and technicians with more than 10 years of experience to provide you with professional services.

Comply with CE Industry Standards

Europe has strict industry standards for filling machines, and our machines comply with CE standards.

Timely After-Sales Service

Any problem, we will reply within 24 Hours. And will arrange professional engineer fix problem by video or go to your factory.

Who Use Filling Machines and Mixer Tank

Food Factory, Pharmaceutical Factory, Cosmetics Factory

If you are food factory, pharmaceutical factory, cosmetics factory, then MAKWELL can be your best filling machine manufacturer, we have more than 15 years of experience in senior engineers to provide you with professional mechanical design.

Mixer Tank or Filling Machine Trade Company

If you are a professional filling machine trade company, we can provide you with high-quality services and high price-to-price ratios to help you develop the filling machine market.

New Factory Building Projects

If you are building a factory, you need to buy new mixer tank or filling machine. MAKWELL can provide you with a full set of  solutions from A to Z. You only need to send us your project details, and MAKWELL will do the rest.

filling machine manufacture

Makwell Packaging Machine and Filling Machine Manufacturing Equipment

filling machine Laser cutting
Packaging Machine and Filling Machine Laser Cutting
Filling Equipment Installation
Packaging Machine and Filling Machine Welding
Filling Machine Product Line
Packaging Machine and Filling Machine Making parts
Liquid Filling Machine Manufacture
Packaging Machine and Filling Machine Plate Bending and Polishing
Filling Machine Workshop
Packaging Machine and Filling Machine Parts Testing
filling machine line
Packaging Machine and Filling Machine Installation

Contact Our Support Team

Quick Quote


Can I visit your packaging machine and filling machine manufacturing factory in China?

Welcome to visit our packaging machine and filling  machine in Jiangsu province China. Fly to shanghai directly and we will pick you up.

How can I know your machine has good quality?

We will send video of the machine working condition, video chatting see our workshop and also you can come to visit ourfactory.

What is your advantage?

1)Competitive price;

2)Excellent technical support;

3)Great after-sale service;

4)Over 15 years experience

What is the payment terms?

30% deposit, the balance before delivery.

How long of the delivery time?

Normally 40-50 working days depend on the detail machine you request.

What is your warranty time?

Two years. Life-long maintenance services and technical support.

Can you offer overseas service?

Yes, if request.We suggest online problem solving firstly, if the problem still shows we can arrange engineer to go to your factory to solve the issue.

What kinds of packaging and filling machines does MAKWELL offer?

A filling machine equipmentlets you fill different bottles and pouches with food, drink, or other products for your clients or customers. If you have this equipment, you can fill hundreds of containers with virtually any product you want.

MAKWELL Packing and Filling Machines to Fit Your Needs.

1.Filling Machine

You can adjust this machine’s speed and range of filling. Easily customized to dispense liquids, grains, and other products on several containers, such as bottles and bags. Filling machines ensure consistency in the product bought by buyers. The following are the different types of filling machines MAKWELL has to offer:

① Bottle Filling Machine
② Cream Filling Machine
③ Food Filling Machine
④ Liquid Filling Machine
⑤ Aerosol Filling Machine
⑥ Powder Filling Machine

2.Tube Filling and Sealing Machine

For aluminum and plastic tubes, these machines can fill and seal them. The equipment can fill ointments, toothpaste, creams, body lotions, and other products. Because most cosmetics come in tubes, tube-filling machines are essential to the industry.

3.Capping Machine

With this machine, you can cap various containers, and it’s easy and cost-effective to use. Manufacturers of liquids, like pharmaceutical companies and other industries, use capping machines to cap their containers as they are packed.
Hygiene aside, the equipment helps to ensure that everything is in good order during the production process.

4.Packaging Machine

Back-sealed bags, three-sided and four-sided sealed bags are some options for packaging: this machine packs shampoos, sauces, powders, creams, and other products.

5.Labeling Machine

Create labels quickly and accurately. Print logos, product details, and work on both round and flat bottles.

6.Mixer Machine

Mixing tanks from MAKWELL come in different types. Depending on the product, the capacity and functionality can be changed to meet your needs.

7.Mayonnaise Filling Machine

This is a filling machine made explicitly for mayonnaise. It features the “No Bottle, No Filling” system with excellent filling accuracy and is easily modified.

If your company needs a fully automated filling machine or a semi-automatic filling machine, MAKWELL can accommodate your specific requirements. Being one of China’s top filling machine manufacturers, the filling machines we manufacture are compliant with CE regulations and have received ISO9001 certification.

If you’re thinking about buying new equipment, it’s a good idea to talk to people who work in the field first. As China’s leading industrial filling machine manufacturer, we will walk you through every step of the procedure. In addition to providing you with expert assistance, we can also supply you with the packaging solutions that are most appropriate for your company. Please get in touch with us right away if you have any questions!

How will your liquid filling machine adapt to company growth in the long run?

As your liquid filling machine manufacturer, we can manufacture filling machines that will grow with your company. There are several ways to upgrade a liquid filler. Machines that start as semi-automatic fillers may evolve into fully automatic production devices with PLCs and indexing systems. Fill heads can even be added to automatic filling machines in the future. Purchase a machine that meets production needs on one shift. Later on, you may add additional shifts with your filling machine manufacturer as needed or, in case of growth.

What level of automation do I need for your liquid filling machine?

As a leading filling machine equipment manufacturer, we provide you with a selection of automated liquid fillers ranging from simple to complex. Automation levels range from requiring operator intervention to low to none. Your level of automation depends on available labor, demand for the product, working space, etc.

Plan for the possibility of upgrading equipment, such as the automation of machinery, as part of your growth strategy. As liquid filling machine manufacturers mostly make liquid filling machines that are upgradeable to increase your packaging machinery’s efficiency in the future.

Can your liquid filling machines work with any containers?

Choosing the right filling equipment is not only about the product. A filling machine must also handle different sizes of bottles and containers. We offer you liquid machines that operate with varying container sizes to meet individual needs as a liquid filling machine manufacturer.

Containers can be as small as a few ounces to as large as gallons or bulk products. MAKWELL, your filling machine manufacturer, provides you with liquid fillers and nozzles to handle your containers. As the range of containers expands, efficiency also increases, leading to increased production rates.

What to ask for when buying a filling machine for the first time?

Filling machines are a great way to speed up your packaging system. When you are just starting, how do you know what to buy, how to choose, and what questions to ask your filling machine manufacturer? We have provided a few questions below to help get you started!

What are the expected results of the machine?

This is the first thing they think about for most clients, especially new packagers. The machine must quickly and efficiently make enough products to meet demand. Usually, we will talk about how well the filler works in a bottle per minute, and the number will depend on how big the container is, its contents, automation, etc. This simple question makes sure that the machine can do the work now and in the future.

How does the machine work?

Many will look into filling machines to cut labor costs and speed up the production process. Each operation level has different labor needs. At least one person must load, activate, and remove bottles for semi-automatic and tabletop filling machines. Machines that operate automatically can also work quickly alone. Know the level of automation of the machines you are considering with your filling machine supplier.


Can the machine affect my product?

Filling machines need to your packaging products. Generally, we use stainless steel to construct filling machines. Certain products, however, don’t work well with it. It is common to use HDPE materials for corrosive products. Even if your product isn’t corrosive, tell us about its characteristics. We make pumps that won’t agitate fluids and create parts that will not run hot. Inform us of your product’s characteristics to discuss any potential issues. At MAKWELL, we often request and encourage product samples for equipment testing.


Is the machine upgradeable?

Regardless of the current production requirements, it is always important to look at the future potential of a filling machine as most strive toward increased output. More heads can have a big impact on future filling machines. You may add indexing systems and control panels to automate manufacturing in the future. Whether you are looking for your first filling machine or a new one, plan your future with MAKWELL!


What is a filling line?

Filling lines are made up of stages that need a certain type of machine to do its job. Filling is an essential step in the packaging process. It can be done in many ways depending on the product and packaging used. A filling line equipment usually consists of a washer/drier, filling machine, capping, and labeling machine.

What are MAKWELL's filling machines?

MAKWELL offers a full range of filling machines to suit various industries. Our filling machines with featured filling line equipment includes shampoo and detergent filling machine, jam and sauce filling machine, pharmaceutical filling machine, paint filling machine, e-liquid filling machine, cosmetic filling and capping machine. If you have a different type of product that you’d like to pack, we can make filling line equipment just for your company!


What makes MAKWELL automatic filling lines the best choice?

The MAKWELL automatic filling line equipment fill, seal and pack a wide range of products into different types of containers. Increase your production efficiency by using our filling machines with the quickest speeds, highest fill accuracy, and least amount of product damage.

What does MAKWELL filling line have to offer the filling industry?

MAKWELL is a well-known manufacturer of filling line equipment in China. We have a large selection of fillers that have manual, semi-automatic, and fully automated features available. From food and beverage production to industrial and corrosive commercial production, we have both gravimetric and volumetric liquid filling equipment that can be used in a wide range of industries. We are experts in the filling industry!

Can MAKWELL upgrade current filling line equipment?

We certainly can! Is your filling line equipment in dire need of an upgrade? Our team of professionals will guide you throughout in designing comprehensive filling and packing lines suited to your specific requirements! Contact us today, and let’s start upgrading!

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