4 Heads Mayonnaise Bottle Filling Machine

Type: 4 Heads Mayonnaise Bottle Filling Machine
Filling Range: 100-1000ml
Filling Speed: 20-50 bottles/min
Mixing Speed: 1200r/min
Size Of Filling Nozzle: φ10mm
Air Pressure: 0.5-0.7MPa
Voltage: 110/220v 50-60HZ
Power: 600W
Conveyor Size: 2000*100mm
Machine Weight: 329kg
Machine Size(L*W*H): 975*1020*2010mm
Package Size(L*W*H): 1660*1130*2130mm
Package Weight: 392kg

4 Heads Mayonnaise Bottle Filling Machine

This automatic mayonnaise filling machine has filling heads and cylinders that make filling fast and accurate. Suitable for filling creams and other thick liquids into bottles, such as mayonnaise, honey, sauce, ketchup, etc. Using both electrical and pneumatic parts makes this machine perform stable. Photoelectric eyes, a PLC, a touch screen, and a frequency inverter ensure the quality of the production.

This machine is compact and presentable. It is easy to set up and fill, there are no missed fills, and a counter makes sure that the right amount of fill is used. This automatic mayonnaise filling machine also features a closure head with wire-drawing protection, a filling elevating system with high froths, a bottle top positioning system, and a liquid level control system.

Mayonnaise Bottle Filling Machine

Automatic 4 Heads Mayonnaise Bottle Filling Machine Features

  1. This automatic mayonnaise filling machine has mixing and heating features and feeds filling materials automatically.
  2. The piston-type linear filling gives high filling accuracy, simple to install and troubleshoot, has no dripping, and is easy to clean and maintain.
  3. The parts that touch the material are 304 stainless steel. 316L stainless steel is also an option. The stainless steel frame as a whole is compact and well-designed. And it looks elegant and straightforward.
  4. High-quality branded pneumatic parts and controllers make sure that the machine works well and stays stable for a long time.
  5. Depending on your needs, this automatic filling machine can have 2, 4, 6, or 8 filling heads.
4 Heads Mayonnaise Bottle Filling Machine
Mayonnaise Bottle Filling Machine

Automatic Mayonnaise Bottle Filling Machine Applications

This automatic mayonnaise filling machine can fill liquid and cream products with different viscosities, such as mayonnaise, pepper sauce, chocolate sauce, cream, liquid, oil cosmetics, honey, shampoo, chemicals, medicine, pharmaceuticals, paste, etc. This machine is made to mix and heat, and it can also automatically feed the filling material.

With four filling heads and four cylinders, the filling process is fast and accurate. And each nozzle can be controlled on its own. This machine is widely used in food & beverage, medicine, daily chemical, and many other industries.


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Why Should You Buy An Automatic Mayonnaise Filling Machine?

Do you manufacture mayonnaise, paste, ketchup, jam, or honey and want to achieve fast, efficient, and reliable production? If so, read on to learn why and how an automatic mayonnaise filling machine can be an excellent solution that fits your needs.

  • The mayonnaise filling machine is made to mix and heat and automatically feeds the filling material- filling products like mayonnaise, chocolate, sauce, etc. You may also control each nozzle separately. This machine is used a lot in food, beverages, daily chemicals, and many other industries.
  • The touch screen control panel makes it easier to see and change operational settings. Depending on your needs, choose an operating language that is comfortable for you.
  • A high-quality filling nozzle has more power when it comes to filling materials. This helps make filling go faster. Each filling nozzle can be controlled on its own.
  • This machine has an electric eye that detects bottles and tells when to start or stop filling bottles with liquid. It makes production automated and can cut down production errors.
  • Features mixing and heating functions. Using the regulator, you may change and adjust the temperature and speed of mixing. Perfect for filling mayonnaise, sauce, paste, jam, face cream, chocolate, etc.
  • The chain conveyor belt can hold a certain amount of weight, so it can move bottles steadily. The length of the belt can be changed to fit the needs of the production.
  • This automatic mayonnaise filling machine has a pump that feeds the filling material into the tank. This means that you don’t have to pour the filling material into the tank by hand. This helps save time and improve the efficiency of production.
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