A Guide to Oil Bottle Filling Machine

oil bottle filling machine

Oil is non-polar, hydrophobic, lipophilic, and viscous at normal temperatures. Because of their carbon and hydrogen content, oils are combustible and react with surfaces. As unsaturated lipids, oils are liquid at normal temperatures. We pack these oils with an oil bottle filling machine compatible with the oil type.

Cooking and lubricating oil filling equipment are compatible. Our filling machines work like other automated equipment. We guarantee the reliable operation of your equipment while sustaining liquid weight. Let us make your oil bottle filling machine for oil consumption, cars, or anything else!

What is an Oil Bottle Filling Machine?

As its name means, an oil filler machine fills oil bottles. Easy, right? But it’s more than a ‘pour and cap’ technique. These equipment are essential to oil production lines, boosting efficiency as well as productivity.

(A) Oil Bottle Filling Machine Types

An automatic oil filling machine varies. They include a gravity filler with air pressure and a volumetric filler that measures oil before filling it into bottles. Which suits you? The answer will vary depending on your demands and production targets.

(B) Oil Bottle Filling Machine Parts

Filling Nozzles Filling nozzles are essential to every filling equipment. It’s the point when the oil in the machine enters the bottle. One to numerous nozzles may function concurrently, depending on the equipment.
Controls Machine controls oversee the operation like an ensemble conductor. These controls guarantee everything goes correctly.
Conveyors The conveyor transports bottles throughout the machine. It’s essential for filling and capping bottles efficiently.

(C) Oil Bottling Machine Functionality

An oil filler machine has several applications. Various oils, beverages, and even cosmetics are just some of the many products that might benefit from their usage as packaging. Also, the vacuum-filling pressure offers greater effectiveness. The bottles are transported by a conveyor system when the pressure is reduced to ambient levels.

These machines apply a volumetric flow meter technique to fill containers with precise amounts of liquid. They are easy to use and need single-phase electricity. They are also long-lasting and resistant to corrosion.

(D) Oil Filling Machine Price

Many factors affect the oil filling machine’s price. They are;

  • Machine types
  • Level of automation
  • Production capability, materials
  • Level of customizing
  • Type of product you are filling

(E) Machine Safety

Prioritize safety while choosing oil bottling equipment for your company. This is important as the equipment will be used in a risky setting. Electrical components must fulfill UL standards to prevent fires. Mechanical activation and aluminum or stainless steel components are essential.

(D) Oil filling machines often include the following features:

🔵 Prioritize Sanitation

Easy to clean and maintain, built to comply with safety and health regulations.

🔵 Automated Technology

The process of filling and capping is fully automatic without human assistance.

🔵 Convenient Control

Effortless control and monitoring using a PLC system that has a touchscreen display.

🔵 Highly Accurate

Precise dosing pumps provide precise filling volume.

🔵 Adaptability

You may modify the filling amount and speed depending on the bottle size and your filling needs. Able to handle a variety of oil kinds and viscosities, including those used in cooking, motors, and lubrication.

🔵 Enhanced Production Speed

A number of filling heads and nozzles allow for high production rates.

🔵 Practical

A small footprint allows for seamless incorporation into assembly processes.

🔵 Safety and Protection

Includes several safety measures to ensure it runs smoothly and is a risk-free operation.

🔵 Stable and Durable

Constructed using premium materials to provide trustworthy functioning for a long amount of time.

Different Types of Oil Bottles

Oil containers come in several forms and sizes because of the wide range of oils. The following bottles are popular: Most vegetable oil bottles are round plastic with 500 ml to 5-liter capacity. Olive oil bottles are square glass, lubricant containers are HDPE bottles, and essential oil bottles are tiny, round, amber-colored glass or plastic.

oil bottle containers

Oil Bottle Filling Machine Selection

As unsaturated lipids, oils are liquid at normal temperatures. Many filling equipment are available because oil viscosity ranges from 30cps essential oils to 1000cps lubricants. Choose an integrated filling and capping equipment with a peristaltic or piston pump to fill small bottles with low-to-medium viscosity essential oils.

oil bottle filling machine

To fill edible oil, such as the olive oil filling machine, you should choose a piston-filling machine because of its high accuracy, low price, and the fact that it is made entirely of 304 stainless steel (316L stainless steel is an alternative).

When filling containers with less than 5 liters of lubricant, piston-filling machines work best. When filling containers with more than 5 liters of lubricant, weighing-type filling machines and special vat filling machines work better.

Smaller capacity semi-automatic or manual filling machines use the same filling method. All oil filling devices listed above can fill over 800 bottles per hour. When choosing an oil filling machine, consider current demand and your best growth prediction.

Capping & Labeling Machine Selection

Consider the bottle’s size, cap shape, and capping method when picking an oil bottle capping machine. ROPP capping machine for olive oil aluminum caps. The snap capping machine fits 5L edible oil’s flat round plastic caps. The spindle or chuck capping machine lubricates threaded oil screw caps.

Moreover, keep in mind the bottle’s dimensions, the label’s size, and the bottle shape while shopping for a labelling machine for oil bottles.

Filling equipment must adapt to oil viscosity. Due to the wide range of oil viscosities, oil filling equipment must be compatible with your oil. Our oil filling equipment fills veggie and SAE oils. We provide cappers and labelers for liquid filling equipment.

Install A Complete Oil Bottle Filling System

Our liquid filling machines can handle various thicknesses. We can help you choose a machine to process your oil as there are multiple viscosities. We provide different fillers, including overflow, gravity, pump, piston, net weigh, and others. With our equipment, your manufacturing line may function better and survive longer.

We provide liquid packaging to protect your products during manufacturing and shipment. Using labeling machines, custom paper, Mylar, or translucent vinyl labels may be applied. Capping machines secure caps to prevent leaks and contamination. Fixed or motorized conveyors can quickly move product containers between production line stations. Investing in fully automated liquid packaging equipment from us might lead to long-term manufacturing success.

oil filling machine

Customize Your Oil Bottle Filling System

We customize oil bottling machines in several sizes and designs to fit different oils. We can help you create a unique set of liquid packaging equipment for your company, taking into account floor space. A custom oil bottling system for your application will benefit you.

As your oil filling machine manufacturer, we can start working with you to build a method for bottling your oil according to your exact specifications. We can help you choose and set up equipment, as well as design and run systems.

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