Add These 4 Packaging Machines to Your Water Bottle Filling Machine

water bottle filling machine

Have you ever wondered how bottled water is manufactured? What the water bottle filling machine do? In simple words, there are two main steps to making bottled water. They are water purification and water packaging. The steps necessary to make bottled water are the same across all factories. 

If you’re familiar with water bottling equipment, here’s what additional machines are essential when packing water bottles. A complete water bottle packing machine line contains the following machines.

Water Bottle Packaging Machines

1. Injection Molding Machine

The injection molder makes the bottle preform. Preforms are smaller bottles. Clamping units and injection make up the IMM. 

How the machine works: The mold maker selects the runner type. A pump drives a screw nozzle into a barrel in the hot runner. Cold water uses closed, thermoset mold. Any injection runner system must route material into the mold cavity from the sprue. 

The cold runner is less costly and requires less upkeep. Thus we highly suggest it. Then melting a glass or plastics. The IMM’s nozzle delivers the molten substance to the cavity. This step decides the final form.

2. Bottle Blower Machine

The job of this machine is to make the bottle the correct size. You must blow the bottles down to standard size just before using them. The size of the bottle (50 cl, 75 cl, etc.) you’ll need to fill water depends on how much water you’ll need. You must also make the caps for the bottles. Packaging materials include labels and polythene shrink wrap for bottles.

The procedure begins by inserting the nozzle into the preform. Then, fill the bottle with pressurized air. The bottle blower’s cavity walls restrict bottle size despite the preform’s limited flexibility. 

3. Water Filling Machine

After blowing the bottles, then comes filling. For the filling operation, you use a water bottle filling machine. The equipment contains a water pump and nozzles for filling bottles. This makes it much simpler to transfer the water into the prepared bottles.

4. Bottle Labelling Machine

The following step, after filling the bottles with water in the water bottle filling machine, is to give each one your unique label. A hot melt glue OPP labeler, self-adhesive labeler, or sleeve shrink labeler may all be applicable for this purpose. This marks the bottle with pre-glued pressure-sensitive stickers. It presses down on the pre-adhesive label and works very well and accurately.

Branding using heat is a feature of the sleeve shrink labeler. As the bottles move down a conveyor, the device fires shrinkable plastic sleeves over them. You may remove the heat-shrinkable plastic sleeve after passing the bottle through the heat funnel. The label material will shrink to suit the bottle during this procedure.

For maximum efficiency, the hot melt opp/popp labeler applies the label on the container in a defined size using a high-pressure nozzle. The container then peels off the label without touching the packaging.

A vertical glue strip completes the bonding process. By switching to this low-cost and hygienic way of gluing, we may save money on repairs and maintenance as well as on cleaning supplies.

5. Bottle Shrink Wrap Machine

The last step in a water bottle facility is packaging. Packing bottles for transport is the procedure. 

  1. Package bottles with a shrink wrap machine. 
  2. Group the bottles (typically 12) and place them in shrink film. 
  3. Then, place the bottles in the shrink wrap machine. 
  4. Shrink film ends are sealed by the shrink wrap machine. 
  5. The shrink film is then heated to shrink to the product.

If you have a plan on buying a mineral water filling machine or water bottle filling machine, or already have one, the following four packaging machines are essential additions;

  1. Injection Molding Machine
  2. Bottle Blower Machine
  3. Bottle Labelling Machine
  4. Bottle Shrink Wrap Machine

You now have a good understanding of the water bottle filling machine and other machines that go into bottle packaging plants. For equipment recommendations, please visit MAKWELL bottle filling machine and send us a message!

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