aerosol filling machine

Aerosol Filling Machine

Our aerosol filling machines and bag-on-valve packaging systems are proven productivity
boosters. We provide the best machines for mass-producing a wide range of aerosol
products. Get the best aerosol filler from us!

MAKWELL Aerosol Filling Machine Solution

Makwell automatic aerosol filling machines integrate can feeding, product filling, valve placement, propellant filling, weight checking, leakage testing, actuator placing, cap placing, ink printing, and packaging in one manufacturing line. Semi-automatic spray can filler machines include contents fillers, crimping machines, propellant fillers, and water baths.

Our aerosol filling solutions are excellent for manufacturing a wide range of aerosol products in various industries, including cosmetics, pharmaceutical, home, industrial & institutional, automotive care, and more.

Aerosol Can Filling Machine

Automatic Aerosol Filling Machine

This automatic aerosol filling machine is suitable for all typical aerosol products. It efficiently manufactures various products in the house care, personal care, health care, car care and many other industries.

Semi Automatic Aerosol Filling Machine

This aerosol filler assembles the liquid filling system, inflate and seal on the same table, has high speed, high-accuracy and good stabilization. Excellent for the medium sized and small scale company.

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Aerosol Can Filling Machine Advantages

fast icon
Fast Production

Our aerosol filling machines effectively increase your production by processing up to 3,600 cans per hour.

precise filling
Precise Filling

Advanced PLC systems guarantee that each can has the correct quantity of contents.

consistent performance
Consistent Performance

High reliability and high operational reduce maintenance costs while maximizing returns.

customize aerosol filler

Our comprehensive solutions use modular technology that may be set up as a production line or individually.

Aerosol Cans and Valves

Aerosol product cans and valves are essential parts of the manufacturing process. Spray cans and valves have a role in determining the filling volume and technique. While the filling technique and capacity significantly impact the production as a whole.

Aerosol filling machines depend on valve size, material, and type. Tin and aluminum are often used in the manufacture of aerosol cans. Aerosol valves come in male and female versions. Before buying an aerosol filling machine, consider the size and kind of aerosol cans and valves to avoid manufacturing issues.

aerosol filling machine
aerosol can filling machine

Aerosol Filling Equipment Types

Standard Aerosol Filling Machine

Aerosol filler for liquid, crimp, and gas filling. Aerosol products use this filling process. The same aerosol filling machine makes daily and technical aerosols for its versatility.

Bag On Valve Aerosol Filling Machine

Bag-on-valve aerosol fillers are becoming more popular. This aerosol filler makes highly corrosive, eco-friendly products—cosmetics,  spray paint, nasal spray, fire extinguisher aerosol, etc.

Under Cap Aerosol Filling Machine

This aerosol filler vacuums, fills, crimps, and recovers gas in one station. To maintain suction, vacuum before filling under the cap. Under-cap aerosol fillers fill refrigerants, AC lubricants, and butane gas cartridges.

Aerosol Filling Machine Technology

The core of the Bag-On-Valve system is a poly-laminated aluminum bag with an aerosol spray valve welded. The bag is then filled with air or nitrogen and pushed into a tinplate or aluminum container under pressure. When the valve opens, the propellant pushes on the bag, which forces the product through the nozzle in a mist or jet spray. BoV spray application differs from aerosols in three ways:

  • Product and propellant stay separate, preventing tampering or contamination.
  • The propellant chills less, and the end product is closer to room temperature.

Use of gentler propellants.

aerosol can filling machine for sale

Aerosol Production Line

aerosol filling machine
aerosol filling machine

How are aerosols filled? How spray cans are filled?

The machine dispenses room-temperature liquid product into the can before sealing. After closing the container, pump the propellant at high pressure.

What is the filling method of aerosol?

A filling head is connected to a container. The filling head adds a specific quantity of product material into the container. With the filling head still in the container, a precise quantity of high-pressure propellant is added to flush away any remaining product. The pressure filling procedure prevents pharmaceuticals from leaking out of containers when the filling head is taken off.

Aerosol Production Line

❶ Can Feeding The collection of empty cans on the manufacturing line.
❷ Product Filling Fill using metering cylinders, either pneumatic or hydraulic.
❸ Valve Placing Automatically install valves into cans.
❹ Can Crimping Crimp and secure valves to cans.
❺ Propellant Filling Filling of various propellants.
❻ Testing Use weight checkers, water baths, etc., to check weight and leaks.
❼ Actuator Placing Automatically install actuators on valves.
❽ Cap Placing Sort the cap and attach it to the actuator in capping machine.


Standard automatic lines can process 3,600 cans per hour. Aluminum or tinplate cans 35-66 diameter, 80-350mm height work.

Standard semi-automatic machines produce 4,000–8,000 cans per day. Fits 35-66 mm aluminum or tinplate cans 80-350 mm tall.

We recommend Your Complete Guide to Aerosol Filling Machine Types to learn more about aerosol filling machines.

aerosol can filling machine
Aerosol Filling Solutions

Makwell places a high priority on customer satisfaction, which is why we provide a wide range of services for aerosol filling solutions, including:

  • Spray Pumps
  • Perfumery Pumps
  • Dispensers
  • Aerosol Filling Machines and Lines
  • Aerosol Actuators and Spray Caps
  • Aerosol Valves, Bag On Valves
  • Aerosol Cans
aerosol filling machine for sale

How is aerosol used?

The most common propellant is a liquefied gas. There can be some propellant, in the form of a gas above the product, present in a standard aerosol. When the valve opens, this gas forces the liquid up into the dip tube and out. Liquefied gas and products make up the liquid.

There are uses for aerosol filling equipment in many different industries. Let’s look at some instances of applications:

  • Household Products Aerosol Industry
  • Personal Care Aerosol Industry
  • Automotive Aerosol Products
  • Technical Aerosol Industry

Aerosol Measurement Devices

crimp diameter
Crimp Diameter and Height Gauge

The 1′′ aerosol valve crimp diameter and crimp height may be accurately measured with this set of gauges. It comes with a crimp diameter gauge, a crimp height gauge, and other calibration devices.

aerosol gas booster
Aerosol Gas Booster Pump

This gas booster pump ensures that the gas goes into the aerosol can in liquid form. Also, as the booster pump works, the gas pressure stays the same. All this is to provide that gas filling is fast, accurate, and stable. It is an essential part of the process of filling aerosols with liquefied gas.

lpg deodorizer
LPG Deodorization Equipment

This is used in the aerosol-making business to get rid of the smell of Sulphur compounds from LPG (butane and propane gas). There are three LPG deodorization columns, but more can be added. Attached safety valves, pressure gauges, a base rack, and linking pipes are all included.

MAKWELL Aerosol Filling Machine

Makwell is a professional manufacturer of aerosol filling machines in China, offers multiple products applicable to different industries. You will find satisfactory products at affordable prices. For 15 years, Makwell builds an aerosol filling machine with outstanding features and remarkable performance.

Makwell provides various types of aerosol filling machines. If you want some changes or upgrades for your machine, we customize devices according to your given samples. You will also benefit from our local after-sale support. Makwell has a professional after-sales service team that focuses on assisting you in commission and installation.

In developing aerosol filling machines, 80% of parts we use comes from top brands such as Omron, Schneider, ABB, Siemens, and more.

Rest assured, our machines are cost-effective, durable, long-lasting, and advanced. We design the aerosol filling machine to produce actual production. It can handle any of your viscous products.

We are acquired with a high-standard QC quality inspection process to examine each aerosol filling machine built perfectly. Makwell is giving comprehensive product manuals for your installation and maintenance.

If you need OEM services for this machine, we can also provide them for you. At Makwell, we can deliver the aerosol filling machine in just 7 to 10 days.

Once you receive your product, we are giving you once a month consultation to avoid any problems. Makwell assures you that you will the exceptional aerosol filling machine that offers stable accuracy. At Makwell, you will find outstanding aerosol filling machines at great deals and massive discounts.

Contact us today!

What Are Aerosol Filling Machine Configurations?

The aerosol filling machine comes in a variety of configurations. They are as follows:

  • Fully automatic aerosol filling machine: The automatic cans feeding, gas filling, crimping, liquid filling, valve feeding, automatic weighing check, cap presser, water-bath checking, label, and automatic packaging machine were the most common components of this configuration.
  • Semi-automatic aerosol filling machine: The automated bottle feeding, gas filling station, crimping, liquid filling station, and automatic packing machine make up this level of setup.
  • Manual aerosol filling machine: This is for manually operated settings. It has filling stations for liquid, gas, and crimping. Each station offers the choice of manual or automated operation. Even in automatic mode, this arrangement cannot operate entirely automatically.
Why are automatic aerosol filling machines in demand?

Automatic aerosol filling equipment help satisfies business demands. Aerosol product sales are likely to go up because consumers like products that are easy to use. Other things, like the fact that there are more chemical products on the market, also drive up demand. Aerosol chemicals are common in more houses, and aerosol cleaners and cooking sprays have replaced liquid oils.

Aerosol products are also used in the industrial sector. It is projected that, over time, this practice will continue to grow and become more widespread. Automatic aerosol filling machines are also evolving in response to these changes. Some of them can operate at very rapid speeds.

Can I visit your mixer Tank and filling machine manufacturing factory in China?

Welcome to visit our mixer tank and filling  machine in Jiangsu province China. Fly to shanghai directly and we will pick you up.

How can I know your machine has good quality?

We will send video of the machine working condition, video chatting see our workshop and also you can come to visit ourfactory.

What are your advantages?
  1. Competitive price
  2. Excellent technical support
  3. Great after-sale service
  4. Over 15 years experience
What is the payment terms?

30% deposit, the balance before delivery.

How long of the delivery time?

Normally 40-50 working days depend on the detail machine you request.

What is your warranty time?

Two years. Life-long maintenance services and technical support.

Can you offer overseas service?

Yes, if request.We suggest online problem solving firstly, if the problem still shows we can arrange engineer to go to your factory to solve the issue.

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