Aluminum Tube Sealer: Tube Sealing Options

Aluminum Tube Sealer


Looking for the best solution to seal aluminum or squeeze tubes suitable for your products? Extruded mono/coex, laminate, injection-molded—are you already overwhelmed by the variety of tube types? It is crucial to pick a tube that matches the capacity of your aluminum tube sealer. Nowadays, there are typically three tiers, or types, of tube sealing technology used in the business, with the best being:

Tabletop Hot Air Tube Sealing Machine

Similarly to high-speed, fully-automatic machines, this one applies a hot-air sealing technique. Hot air seals may be made at rates of up to 15 tubes per minute, making them suitable for low-volume manufacturing. For crimping metal tubes, such as aluminum, this machine comes in metal fold varieties.


✅ This aluminum tube sealer gives all plastic and laminate tubes excellent sealing. Several modern polymers used in sustainable tubes, such as entirely recyclable in-mold label tubes, will only seal with hot air (IML tubes). Laminate tubes with foil layers or Polyfoil tubes function well on hot-air equipment.

✅ Both sides of the tube seal may have lot codings. This sealing machine is compact, portable, and runs on standard 110v electricity. Suitable for fast-changing manufacturing cycles.

✅ This equipment performs in all categories for a tabletop tube sealer.

Fully Automatic Hot-Air Tube Filling and Sealing Machine

If you’re making a lot of tubes, this aluminum tube sealer is for you. The machine automatically loads empty tubes, fills them, then uses hot air to melt the open end before sealing them with a set of jaws. At speeds of up to 40 tubes per minute, a mechanic adjusts the tube diameters, which may take two or more hours. Expert operators and mechanics are essential for operating and maintaining this sealer machine. It also uses custom-sized component tooling for each different tube size.


✅ Seal tubes expertly with a vertical seal pattern, lot/date labeling, and tube trimming.
✅ Capable of filling and sealing at a rate of over 10,000 tubes per day, this machinery is ideal for mass manufacturing.

Semi-Automatic Ultrasonic Tube Sealing Machine

This has high-frequency ultrasonic sealing jaws that clamp down on the tubes and generate heat, effectively sealing them shut. Four to seven tubes per minute in actual usage. Compatible with many different plastic tubes, although certain tubes, like PP tubes, can be challenging. To ensure uniformity, nevertheless, this requires frequent adjustments to the sealing settings, which may somehow decrease productivity.

semi automatic ultrasonic aluminum plastic tube sealing machine

Semi-Automatic Aluminum Plastic Tube Sealing Machine


Manual Thermal Impulse Tube Sealing Machine

The tubes are pressed between a heated element that operates similarly to a hot iron to melt the tube in this sealer machine. Actual usage rates range from two to five tubes per minute, and the tube shelf must be adjusted manually to guarantee straight sealing.

manual tube sealing machine

Manual Tube Sealing Machine


✅ This aluminum tube sealer is the cheapest, most convenient, and most practical method of securely sealing tubes.

Aluminum tube sealers work well with aluminum tube filling machines to provide a comprehensive tube packaging process. Message us right now for more information about tube filling and sealing equipment! We have a team ready to help you!

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