Aluminum Tube Sealing Machine: Ultrasonic Tube Sealing

Aluminum Tube Sealing Machine

Another prominent piece of equipment in the packaging machine sector nowadays is the ultrasonic aluminum tube sealing machine. For exclusive volume tube operations, portable ultrasonic tube sealers are common and are adaptable to a tube filling machine

Ultrasonic Aluminum Tube Sealing Machine

The aluminum tube sealing machine is an ultrasonic end-tube sealing equipment that is suitable for toothpaste, cosmetics, medications, industrial food supply, and other similar applications. Stainless steel construction and a horizontal aluminum alloy body make this product eco-friendly and hygienic. It is equipped with a separate platform, a worktable that is adjustable in both height and width, simple controls, reliable operation, and excellent productivity.

This movement line-based ultrasonic end-sealing device uses ultrasonic principles to seal the ends of composite tubes and hoses. It operates with excellent efficiency and strong operating stability, and well-known brands make all the moving parts.

It has become popular for sealing plastic or laminated collapsible squeeze tubes in a single step while being fast, hygienic, and reproducible. Modern methods provide an effective procedure for sealing tubes across a wide variety of thermoplastic materials while conserving energy and being ecologically friendly. Systems are available with a powerhead actuator for automatic in-line production systems or an inbuilt manual control base.

To avoid some drawbacks, such as the sealing being weak because of foreign objects on the pipe wall, today’s aluminum tube sealing machines use ultrasonic technology and principle to fuse the sealing surface of the plastic hose under ultrasonic conditions and fuse the high pressure on both sides of the hose mouth. The seal is also exquisitely gorgeous. This machine can also print numerals at the tail seal according to client requests. 

This ultrasonic hose sealing equipment has various potential applications, including use in the medical, chemical, food, and specialty product manufacturing sectors. Products like neoprene, adhesives, AB glue, epoxy glue, and ointments for dermatitis are only a few examples.

Working Principle 

Applying high-velocity vibration to a tube and allowing that vibration to act on the tube’s plastic surface can rapidly heat the tube’s plastic surface. It also welds shut while applying pneumatic, mechanical pressure to form the mold’s head and foot sealing patterns and remove any excess material.

Aluminum Tube Sealing Machine Features 

  1. The machine’s extensional structure is constructed from stainless steel and aluminum alloy.
  2. The operating platform, which has a two-dimensional direction adjustment capability and a separate man-machine functional interface, is simple to use.
  3. The ultrasonic power supply uses high-quality movement electronics, and the ultrasound components are from well-known manufacturers.
  4. This device has the capacity to provide protection against overload, phase differences, and power failure.
  5. The output power of the ultrasound is sufficient to guarantee the sealing effectiveness of various materials and soft tubes with multiple specifications.

Aluminum Tube Sealing Machine Features 

Ultrasonic Aluminum Tube Sealing Machine Advantages

Ultrasonic Tail Seal

With a high-quality cylinder, an aluminum alloy tool head, a delicate steel bottom touch, and a sharp slice, tail sealing can be done more efficiently and cleanly.

Digital Display

Self-adjusting operational settings, an integrated safety power-off feature, prompt protector protection, and the avoidance of possible safety incidents.

All-Stainless Body

Because stainless steel has qualities that make it resistant to wear and corrosion, it may be utilized safely under demanding environmental sanitary conditions.

Multipurpose Shelf

In line with an aluminum tube filling machine, this tube sealer is flexible to fit bottles of varying heights and diameters. And the bottle tube itself can be supported by the wheel in order to facilitate the sealing of the bottle’s tail.

Oil and Water Separation

The filter component will remove the dust and mist from the air before releasing it. This improves efficiency and extends the life of the device.

Automated Aluminum Tube Sealing Advantages

To achieve excellent efficiency at a cheap cost, this machine eliminates unnecessary processes and only keeps the fundamental ones—sealing, trimming, and printing. 

Tail Sealing and Trimming

This has an ultrasonic device on the left side and a sealing and trimming machine on the right. The tool head is adjustable to meet the needs of the aluminum tube sealing production. 


Pneumatic energy power this device, which results in reliable operation and is resistant to sustaining damage. Operators should feel comfortable making use of it. 


Ultrasonic sealing overcomes the drawbacks of adhesive or hot-melt welding. This is because of its quicker speed and more aesthetically pleasing sealing result than conventional heat sealing.

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