Automatic Beef Jerky Packing Machine

Type: Automatic Beef Jerky Packing Machine
Bag Length: 250-500mm
Bag Width: 250-450mm
Packaging Speed: 5-10 bags/min
Voltage: 220V 50/60Hz
Power: 1KW
Premade Pouch Size: 250-450mm(W) *250-500mm(L)
Weight: 359kg

Automatic Beef Jerky Packing Machine

This automatic beef jerky packing machine is used to pack different products into pre-made bag beef jerky packaging. PLC controls the whole process from pouch pick-up through open-fill-seal to output. This machine is easy to clean and maintain and has an automatic bag width adjustment. It has an automatic pouch detection sensor and a “no pouch, no dump” guarantee to keep materials from spilling out.

When the door is opened, its CE-certified interlock system automatically shuts off. The whole machine is made to meet GMP standards and has been given CE certification. This automatic food packing machine makes production more efficient and saves costs on labor.

Automatic beef jerky Packing Machine

Automatic Beef Jerky Packing Machine Features

  1. This automatic beef jerky packing machine features eight to ten stations, and it is run by a PLC and a large-screen touch screen. The way it works is easy and convenient.
  2. Supported by an automatic fault-tracking alarm system and shows the operating status in real-time.
  3. This machine has an automatic empty bag tracking and detecting mechanism to open and seal bags/pouches.
  4. The primary drive system uses variable frequency stepless speed regulation control and complete cam transmission with a low failure rate.
  5. The whole automatic beef jerky packing machine is made to meet GMP standards and has been approved by CE.
beef jerky Packing Machines
beef jerky packing machine

Automatic Beef Jerky Packing Machine Applications

This automatic beef jerky packing machine is a flexible machine that is used in many applications, such as frozen foods, granules, powders, and even liquid materials. This machine automatically fills, labels, and seals bags/pouches. It is suitable for different types of pre-made bags like pillow bags, gusset bags, zipper bags, etc., and finishes up to 10 bags per minute quickly and smoothly.

It can also connect to other machines through turnkey lines. This automatic beef jerky meat chips packing machine can be used in food and beverages, cosmetics, chemical, machinery and hardware, and many other industries.

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What are the Features to Look for When Buying a Beef Jerky Packing Machine?

The quality of beef jerky will depend on how it is packaged, just as the quality will depend on how the raw materials are handled.

Our company understands the unique needs in jerky processing and packaging. Other jerky products, such as turkey jerky, may also be packaged using this machine, including those prepared from exotic meats, wild game, or even mushrooms or vegan jerky, which are now popular in the jerky niche.

Features to Look For

Jerky is a unique product in that it is dried but not totally dry. This makes it more likely to stick together and clump up when being weighed. This causes the bags to be filled unevenly, with some being lighter than needed and others being heavier.

Our automatic beef jerky packing machine is made to get rid of these problems. By following a specific system that starts with sorting, moves on to weighing, and ends with bagging, we can make sure that every bag is filled with the right amount.

How It Works

The system sends the beef jerky to the packing machine from above. The bucket conveyor moves the jerky to the top of the system and breaks up any clumps without damaging the jerky. It is then put into a multi-head weigher, which lets it be packed to the exact weight. It can be accurate to within a fraction of a gram at speeds of up to 10 bags per minute. The different sizes of the jerky cause this slight difference in exact accuracy, but this automatic beef jerky packing machine makes sure that the process is very accurate within a fraction of a gram. A bagger is used to bag the product materials. Then, choose from film to premade pouches.

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