Automatic Beef Jerky Premade Packing Machine

Type: Automatic Beef Jerky Premade Packing Machine
Bag Type: Preformed bag
Bag Length 160-330mm
Bag width: 110-200mm
Packing Speed: 10-50bags/min
Packing range: 10-2000 grams
Powder supply: 220V/380V, 50HZ/60HZ, 6.75KW
Diameter: 6000*3000*4000mm

Automatic Beef Jerky Packing Machine

This beef jerky packing machine can automatically feed, fill, measure, make bags, bag, deviation, fill, charge (exhaust), seal, print the date, and send out the finished products. It is equipped with a high-precision servo film conveying system with accurate measuring, PLC program control, advanced automatic positioning, photoelectric tracking, digital temperature control, etc. It also has a touch screen and can be used in more than one language.

This fully automatic, multi-functional dried meat biltong beef jerky packing machine speeds up production to 80 packs per minute, cuts down on the amount of work needed and makes the packaging process more efficient.

Automatic Beef Jerky Premade Packing Machine

Automatic Beef Jerky Premade Packing Machine Features

  1. This beef jerky packing machine automatically checks to see if the pouch is open. Unopened pouches won’t fill and seal. It saves pouches and raw materials.
  2. With a frequency converter, the operating speed is easily adjustable.
  3. SIEMENS PLC and the HMI interface make the control system easy to use.
  4. When the air pressure is not normal, it will sound an alarm and stop working.
  5. This machine can fill solid and liquid or liquid and liquid materials.
  6. It can fit 100mm to 200mm pouches by adjusting the clip width.
  7. It uses advanced bearings that don’t need oil and make the production less polluting.
  8. All product and pouch contact parts are stainless steel or food-safe materials, ensuring food safety.
Beef Jerky Packaging machine
Beef Jerky Packing bags

Automatic Beef Jerky Premade Packing Machine Applications

This automatic beef jerky packing machine is used to pack powder, irregularly shaped, thick liquid, and liquid products, such as dried meat, beef jerky, seasoning powder, chicken powder, gourmet powder, nuts, fruits, candy, roasted seeds, puffed food, grains, pet food, frozen food, chocolate, small hardware, hand sanitizer, etc.

It works with zipper bags, premade bags, ready bags, and stand-up pouches. Pouch packaging materials can be made of PE/polyethylene, PE/aluminum plating, pet/PE, PP, and other heat-sealing packaging materials. This automatic dried meat biltong beef jerky packing machine is widely used in industries like food, beverages, medicine, hardware, etc.

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How Automatic Beef Jerky Packing Machine Help Your Packaging Production?

This automatic beef jerky packing machine surely speeds up and smooths out the packaging process. Now, here are some other benefits of an automatic jerky packing machine that can be helpful to your meat packaging business in the future:

Suitable for Premade Custom Pouches/Bags

Premade custom pouches are trendy in the jerky and meat snack business and the snack packaging market. These preformed pouches are easy to carry and a great way to show what a company stands for. They are often made with zippers and tear notches to make them easy to open. This automatic premade pouches beef jerky packing machine picks up, opens, fills, and seals these packages quickly and easily.

Enhance Product Shelf Life

Meat snacks like jerky often need a type of packaging that changes the atmosphere, like a gas flush. This option blasts nitrogen gas into the bag after the product is put in and the bag is sealed. This gets rid of the oxygen in the air. This makes the product last longer and less likely to go bad due to oxidation.

After the product is filled, an oxygen scavenger packet is often added to the jerky before the pouch is sealed. This small packet soaks up oxygen inside the package like a gas flush to make the product safer and last longer. This machine can easily add more stations for gas flushing and putting oxygen packets in.

Clean and Hygienic

When packing meat-based snacks, food packing machines need to be washed down and cleaned. Its fillers can stand up to harsh cleaning methods that use strong water jets and harsh chemicals.

Solve Product Inconsistencies

Jerky often has pieces that are not the same size, and it needs to be shaken and tapped before sealing. Adding a product settling station makes the package look better and more uniform, and it makes it easier to seal preformed pouches.

Customized Product filler 

Because the shapes of dehydrated meat products are not always the same, it’s essential to be careful when filling them. The best way to solve this problem is with a cup filler for the whole jerky, a multi-head blending scale for jerky mixes, or a custom configuration of a beef jerky packing machine.

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