Automatic Candy Pouch Packing Machine

Type: Automatic Candy Pouch Packing Machine
Packing range: 5-2500g
Bag length: 100-300/100-350mm
 Bag width: 80-210/200-300mm
Packaging speed: 30-60 bags/min
Voltage: 220V 50/60Hz
Power: 2.5KW
Dimension(L*W*H): 1710*1505*1640mm
Weight: 1480kg

Automatic Candy Pouch Packing Machine

This automatic candy lollipop pouch packing machine is used to pack candy and other similar products that flow freely. All steps, like feeding, dosing, filling, sealing, printing the date, and moving the finished product, are automatic. It weighs very well and works excellent without breaking.

This machine uses a pneumatic system and a PLC from a well-known brand to seal and pack in both vertical and horizontal directions. Automatic film correction for deviation. This servo-driven machine also includes a bag magazine that makes it easy to load pouches, a device that opens the zipper automatically, a bag shaker at the fill station to level the product, and integrated exit conveyors. Automatic candy packing machines are made of SUS304 stainless steel, an excellent material for food products, and last a long time.

Candy Packing Machine

Automatic Candy Pouch Packing Machine Features

  1. This automatic candy lollipop pouch packing machine uses a precision indexing device and a PLC to control each operation and workstation. This makes sure that the machine works quickly and correctly.
  2. The range of frequency conversion can be used to change the speed of this machine. The real speed is determined by the kind of products and bags/pouches.
  3. This candy packing machine has an automatic checking system that checks the bag situation, filling, and sealing condition.
  4. The system displays “no bag feeding, no filling, no sealing,” “no bag opening/opening error, no filling, no sealing,” and “no filling, no sealing” functions.
  5. The parts that touch the products and pouches are stainless steel and made from excellent materials to make sure that the products are clean and perfect.
Candy Packing Machine
candy packaging pouch

Automatic Candy Pouch Packing Machine Applications

This automatic candy lollipop pouch packing machine is made to pack candy products and other free-flowing products. It’s an excellent machine for packing gum, hard candy, dried fruits, etc. It can also be used to package liquids, powders, granules, sauces, and so on in ready-made pouches. It can be used with different kinds of bags, which means it can make pouches and bags with different looks and designs, such as standard stand-up pouches, zipper bags, accordion pockets, and free-shaped bags.

This, in turn, meets the need for a wide range of products while keeping production moving quickly. Filling pouches like stand-up pouches (SUP, SURP, DOY), pillow pouches, gusseted pouches, quad, and carry handle pouches. This automatic candy packing machine is used widely in food, beverage, and many other industries.

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What are the advantages of an automatic candy packing machine?

This automatic candy lollipop pouch packing machine offers advantages for packaging your products, such as:

Make Your Products More Attractive

A candy packing machine will make your products look beautiful and make them stand out on the shelf more than others.

Keeps products Clean, Dry, and Damage-Free

Using an excellent candy packing machine will make sure your candies are safely wrapped so that dust, dirt, or moisture can’t affect them.

Save Time

Getting a machine to pack candy will save you a lot of time. Automatically wrapping products doesn’t take much time or effort. When you use a candy packing machine to pack your goods, you’ll save a lot of time and energy that you can put toward other essential production tasks.

Fast and Smooth Packaging

Automatic candy packing machines for sale with PLC control will help speed up the packaging process and help you meet your business’s bulk packaging needs.

Flexible and Efficient Packaging

When using a candy packing machine for bulk packaging, you can make sure that your goods are wrapped all the same way and quickly. Automatically wrapping candies is consistent and gets the job done well. This means that your sweets, gummies, caramels, lollipops, and other candies will be better packed.

Enhanced Productivity

Who doesn’t like the flexibility of being able to get more work done in less time? A machine that automatically packs candy lollipop pouches will help your business run more smoothly. You won’t have to wait for the start and stop cycles when you have an automatic candy packing machine. If you pull a cord or put the products on a conveyor belt, the wrapping starts and stops on its own.

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