Automatic Detergent Bottle Filling Machine

Type: Automatic Detergent Bottle Filling Machine
Filling Range: 10-5000ml
Filling Speed: 15-60 bottles/min
Voltage: 220V/380V 50HZ
Power: 2.2KW
Filling accuracy: 0.5-1%
Weight: 3000KG

Automatic Detergent Bottle Filling Machine

This automatic detergent filling machine has a large air cylinder to fill liquids quickly. Each nozzle of this machine is individually controlled; easy to operate. A touch screen control panel makes adjusting different settings more convenient. A rotary knob can adjust the working height of this machine. It has a sensor that detects when bottles pass through.

This machine uses an air compressor and works with a capping machine and a labeling machine to make an automatic production line. This helps liquid detergent production work more quickly.

Automatic Detergent Filling Machine

Automatic Detergent Bottle Filling Machine Features

  1. This automatic detergent filling machine has a touch screen control panel that makes adjusting parameters easier. English version for quick operation.
  2. Each filling nozzle is controllable individually. The anti-dripping design ensures cleanliness and improves manufacturing quality.
  3. Depending on unique needs, this machine can handle 2, 4, and 8 filling nozzles.
  4. The operating height is adjustable using a rotary knob. Suitable for different kinds of bottles.
  5. It uses a sensor to detect passing bottles, preventing bottle waste and enhancing filling accuracy.
  6. The conveyor belt makes products move smoother and quicker. Its length is adjustable to fit different demands.
  7. It uses an air compressor to help filter out impurities and make sure the machine works well.
Detergent bottle filling machine

Automatic Detergent Bottle Filling Machine Applications

This automated detergent filling machine has a bigger air cylinder that speeds up the filling process. This machine is easy to use, with separate controls for each nozzle. Combining it with the capping machine and the labeling machine makes a fully automated liquid production line. This increases the production efficiency.

This automatic liquid detergent bottle filling machine is suitable for filling different types of viscous liquid products like liquid detergent, lubricant oil, cooking oil, liquid soap, hand sanitizer, fabric softener, sauces, beverages, milk, water, etc. It is widely used in food and beverages, chemicals, daily chemicals, pesticides, and many other industries.

Suppliers of Filling Machine Parts&Components

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How do automatic liquid detergent filling machines make filling operations work faster?

This automatic detergent filling machine is a flexible filler that can correctly and quickly fill a broad range of products, from low viscosity liquids to high viscosity paste or cream, with or without chunks or particles. It is widely used in the food industry, household product industry, personal care industry, Chemical industry, and pharmaceutical industry.


  1. Automatic detergent filling machines are made for automatic in-line dispensing of liquids and pastes in volumes ranging from 5 to 5000ml per cycle.  Available in 2, 4, and 8nozzle setups to meet different production needs.
  2. This liquid filling machine has a 304 stainless steel frame that is built to last.
  3. Automated control through a PLC controller and an HMI touch screen with little user participation.
  4. Precision bored.
  5. Metering cylinders that can dispense products with an accuracy of up to ≤±1%, filling 30-40 bottles per minute.
  6. High-performance pneumatic system.
  7. Stainless steel and plastic materials with food safety features for sanitary use.
  8. Motorized conveyors and indexing packages are available to handle and position containers.
  9. The “No bottle, no fill” function prevents waste and product spills by detecting missing or misplaced containers.

Filling Process

Before entering the filler, empty bottles are positioned on the main drive conveyor. Sensors count bottles as they enter the filler to ensure the correct quantity of bottles is in place. This ensures that bottles are correctly positioned under each filling head, reducing under- and over-filling. A series of stainless steel valves drop into the bottles to fill the bottles quickly, accurately, and consistently. The out-gate cylinder backs up from its position once the goal volume is reached, allowing the filled bottles to continue on the conveyor for sealing procedures.

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