Automatic Detergent Powder Bag Packing Machine

Type: Automatic Detergent Powder Bag Packing Machine
Filling range: 150-300ml
Filling width: Max.620mm
Bag length: 150-350mm
Bag width: 200-250mm
Packaging speed: 5-50bags/min
Voltage: 220V, 50/60HZ, 3KW
Power: 3000W
Machine Size(L*W*H) 1700*1250*1780mm
Machine Weight: 750kg

Automatic Detergent Powder Bag Packing Machine

This automatic detergent powder packing machine packs a wide range of products. It uses a servo film transport system, PLC, and a user-friendly interface for photoelectric tracking, digital temperature control, positioning, etc. It is the best way to package products as it increases production efficiency, cuts down on the amount of work needed, and improves packaging equipment.

It works with PE/polyethylene, PE/aluminum plating, pet/PE, pp, and other heat-sealing packaging materials. with packaging diversified, such as back sealing, gusset bag, continuous bags, punching, etc. This machine automatically fills, measures, bags, prints dates, charges (exhausting), and puts the product out. The workplace is quiet, low-noise, and energy-saving.

Detergent Powder Bag Packing Machine

Automatic Detergent Powder Bag Packing Machine Features

  1. This new automatic detergent powder packing machine features a new look and design. The structure is more practical and has better technology.
  2. The screen shows both English and Chinese. Servo motors, and PLC control, are very easy to use. Adjust with ease.
  3. This labor-saving machine can shape, dose, fill, seal, code, convey, and count in a single operation.
  4. Stainless steel of excellent grade, with GMP standards, suited for food packing.
  5. Its horizontal and vertical temperature control is suitable for different packing materials of mixed film and PE film.
  6. Pillow bags, angled bags, hanging-hole bags, vertical bags, punched bags, and other pocket options.
  7. Auto alarm protection functions, highest wear, and tear reduction.
  8. Double sever motors, draw film position precisely and quickly.
  9. Temperature control system with ±1°C accuracy.
Automatic Detergent Powder Bag Packing Machines
Detergent Powder Packing Machine

Automatic Detergent Powder Bag Packing Machine Applications

This automatic detergent powder packing machine is used for packing many different products: powders, peanuts, jelly, beans, grains, soybeans, pistachios, rice, corn, seeds, coffee beans, chips, pet food, sweet candy, sugar, tea, herbs, puffed food, dry food, frozen food, nails, buckles, bolts, nuts, etc.

This machine takes a large film roll, shapes it into a bag, fills it with products, and seals it vertically. Products vary from 100g to 10kg with 80 bags every minute. This automatic detergent powder packing machine is widely used in food, beverage, hardware, and many other industries.

Suppliers of Filling Machine Parts&Components

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How do detergent powder packing machine parts work?

Machine Control Center

The packaging settings are set on the HMI screen. This automated detergent powder packing machine is then given a pulse or signal, and the information is transferred to the PLC. This includes size, weight, packing speed, etc.

Multi-heads Combination Scale

Granules are weighed all at once on the standard multi-head combination scale, which is fast and accurate. This scale is adaptable to a wide range of products. It is easy to use and less likely to break down because it has its HMI screen and monitoring system.

Film Holder and Bag Former

This detergent powder packing machine uses film transport belts placed on the side of the forming tube at the front of the machine to pull the film from the roll.

A motor-driven surface unwinding wheel (power unwind) can be added as an option to help move the film roll along with the two film transport belts. This way makes it easier to unwind the film, especially when the rolls are heavy.

The film goes into an assembly of forming tubes. As it passes over the shoulder (collar) of the forming tube, it is folded around the tube. This makes a long piece of film with the two ends overlapping.

Bag Sealing and Cutting

The hot vertical seal bar moves forward until it touches the vertical overlap on the film and sticks the layers of film together. A set of horizontal sealing jaws that are heated come together to seal the top of one bag and the bottom of the next bag. When the sealing jaws are closed, the packed product is dropped into the bag through the hollow forming tube. This is the whole process of packaging. You will get a finished product that is perfectly wrapped.

Machine Options

Aside from being connected to a power source, this packing machine also needs to be linked to a source of air. An air compressor, then. If your product needs to be filled with nitrogen to keep it fresh, you may want to buy a set of equipment that makes nitrogen. To meet your production needs, our machines can also be fitted with labeling machines, date-coding machines, etc.

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