Automatic E-Liquid Small Bottle Filling Machine

Type: Automatic E-liquid Small Bottle Filling Machine
Bottle diameter size: Φ20-Φ50mm
Bottle height size: 30-100 mm
Bottle material: Glass bottle, plastic bottle
Filling speed: 16-34 pcs/min
Filling material: eye drop, e-liquid, cbg oil, cbd oil
Power: 1.2kw
Voltage: AC220V, single phase, 50/60HZ
Filling accuracy: ±1mm
Weight: 400/700KG
Dimension(L*W*H): 2000*1600*1900mm

Automatic E-Liquid Small Bottle Filling Machine

This e-liquid filling machine is made up of many important parts, each of which has a specific purpose, such as filling the product, putting the cap on, screwing the cap on, labeling, etc. It has ceramic piston pumps, nozzles, unloading carts, and moving conveyors. Other parts that are used in the latest machines today are also found in these machines. This e-liquid filling machine has a high-quality construction and design that is used in accordance with GMP rules.

e-liquid filling machine

Automatic E-Liquid Filling Machine Features

  1. E-liquid filling machines feature constant torque screw caps and an automatic sliding system to avoid cap breakage.
  2. Fill using peristaltic pumps, precise measurements, and simple control.
  3. The filling mechanism has a suction function that stops liquid from leaking.
  4. Features a colorful touchscreen display, a high-quality PLC control system, a “no bottle, no filling” mechanism, no adding plug, and no capping.
  5. The filling nozzle is 316 stainless. The remaining machine body is 304 stainless steel. Disassemble and clean easily. Meets all GMP requirements.
e-liquid small bottle filling machine
e-liquid-filling machine

Automatic E-Liquid Bottle Filling Machine Application

This e-liquid filling machine is used to fill a variety of round and irregularly shaped bottles with liquids. It is widely used in various industries, including pharmaceutical filling, food, beverage, cosmetics, and other industries, for filling different containers with liquids.

This e-liquid filling machine is suitable for screw capping e-liquid bottles without wasting materials; filling products such as;

  • eye drops
  • e-liquids,
  • nail polishes
  • essential oils, etc.

E-Liquid Filler Basic Parts

  • Cam
  • Tray
  • Motor
  • Star Wheel
  • Stopper unit
  • Bowl feeder
  • Control panel
  • Conveyor system
  • Filling machine
e-liquid small bottle filling machine
e-liquid bottle filling machine

E-Liquid Bottle Filling & Capping


Once the oscillating bottle opener is placed, the same thick disk is used to fill, seal, and screw on the cap. The peristaltic pump sucks the solution via a silicone tube, and the filling station automatically fills the bottle as the needle moves up and down. Repetition of needle movement fills.


Reposition the solid plug in the bottle with the screw cap disc. The cylinder spins screw LIDS below and around up and down to cover various sizes. When the bottle stops straight, a decline in spin captures a lid screw cover finish. The screw cap body’s continuous torque design controls firmness after installation and helps automatic sliding, eliminating bottle cover or thread damage.

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What are the Common Applications and Advantages of E-Liquid Filling Machines?

E-liquid filling machines are useful type of packaging machine used in a wide range of industries, including the cosmetic, food, beverage, pharmaceutical industries, etc. These are very important because they help you pack different liquids into different-sized containers without wasting liquid material.

What are liquid filling machines?

One common feature of these machines is a pump that transfers liquid from a vessel to a container, making them ideal for thin to thick liquids. Most pump fillers use pulse timing, which involves measuring the number of gear rotations, to calculate the fill volume.

Easy-to-use filling machines that can pack liquid in no time and without much work are now on the market, helping huge filling operations run smoothly without consuming too much workforce.

The following manufacturing industries widely used this e-liquid filling machine;

  • Pharmaceutical Industry

E-liquid filling machines are very important in the pharmaceutical industry. They fill small unit liquid dosage formulations with the correct amount of medicine, such as eye drops, nasal drops, and ear drops.

  • Food and Beverages

This e-liquid filling machine is needed in the food and beverage industries. They are also needed in other industries where a liquid content filling is important. E-liquid filling machines fill products like juices, culinary essences, cold drinks, and more into airtight vials and bottles to keep them for a long time.

  • Cosmetic Industry

This e-liquid filling machine is used for filling face serums, nail polishes, nail polish remover, and other cosmetic products into different-sized vials.


  • Consistent Quality

An e-liquid filling machine makes sure that each container has the right amount of product in it, based on the product’s volume, mass, and levels.

  • Fast and easy-to-use operating systems

Filling processes, such as rotating fillers, capping, movement, filling time, pumping speed, and so on, can be done quickly with this machine’s easy and quick settings.

  • Upgradable

It is possible to adjust an e-liquid filling machine regularly based on the company’s growth. Because of this, industrial businesses have made e-liquid filling machines with as many as 16 filling heads, which can be easily added to by adding more heads.

  • Energy and time-saving

An e-liquid filling machine takes very little time and effort. So, you can use less energy if you have a longer production time.

How to choose a liquid filling machine?

Let us show you seven essential factors to think about when choosing a liquid filling machine for your e-liquid product.

  1. Product Material Consistency
  2. Filling Speed
  3. Filling Method
  4. Container/Bottle Type
  5. Machine Cost
  6. Changeover and Maintenance
  7. Installation and After-Support 
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