Automatic Filling and Capping Machine MWFC-1-50

Filling Volume: 5ml-500ml
Filling Precision: ±1.0%
Capacity: 30-50 bottles per min
Power: 1.5KW
Pressure: 0.5~0.7Mpa
Air consumption pressure: 0.7~0.8Mpa
Air consumption: 0.1~0.3m3/min
Voltage: 220V 50HZ or customized
Size: 2450*1200*1750mm
Weight: 800kg


Automatic Filling and Capping Machine MWFC-1-50

The Automatic Filling and Capping Machine MWFC-1-50 is a mechanically driven, electric, and pneumatic monoblock machine that is simple to use and maintain. It has two processes in one: filling and capping. It is suitable with bottles with two capping methods and differing bottle and cap designs, with some having inner and exterior caps.

This filling and capping machine fills circular and square bottles. It can fill thin liquids, semi-fluid, pastes, and particle-containing paste. GMP-compliant 304 stainless steel makes up the main parts. You may adjust the voltage and frequency to suit your needs.

automatic bottle capping machine
  1. The bottle inlet detect eye sensor opens the manipulator to enter the bottle when it detects it. Having one bottle at the entrance lets it detect inside work.
  2. The detection device checks to see whether the bottle is present before filling. It checks the direction of the bottle; filling will not be successful if the bottom is up.
  3. Each product has a distinct filling head, and the size and design of the filling nozzles also vary to suit your filling needs.
  4. To avoid overflowing the bottle, the sensing probe regulates the electromagnetic valve.
  5. The air pressure is 0.5 Mpa.
  6. Each head cap has a unique number of filling nozzles to accommodate different filling volumes.
  7. The PLC is more adaptable, time-saving, and uses less power and operating costs.
  • e-liquid
  • eye drops
  • serum
  • essential oil

This Automatic Filling and Capping Machine MWFC-1-50 can fill bottles of various shapes, including square and round ones. It can fill semi-fluids, paste, particles, and thin liquids and is often used to fill viscous substances and pastes.

This machine is widely applicable in daily used chemicals, cosmetics, creams, pharmaceuticals, and more.

automatic bottle capping machine

Filling and Capping Machine Filling Systems

🔵 Peristaltic Pump

  1. Time-controlled filling volume, set below operating panel, for thin liquids.
  2. Easy to clean when switching products, flavors, and smells.
  3. No pollution: The liquid only touches the pump pipe, not the body.
  4. High accuracy: high stability precision, and repeatable consistency.
  5. Excellent tightness: capable of self-priming, idling, and preventing backflow
  6. There is no valve or sealing element. Thus, maintenance is relatively easy.
  7. It can transmit both ways without fluids. Therefore, it won’t harm the pump.

🔵 Piston Pump Control by Servo

The servo piston filling machine uses a servo motor to regulate piston movement, ensuring constant filling of each container and reducing waste.

Adaptable: Adjust filling quantities by entering them into the touch screen, which makes it easy to operate.

liquid filling and capping machine
bottle filling and capping machine

Inner and Outer Capping Technology

🔵 Inner/Outer Cap Feeding

Grab type: Human-like hand feeding, high-speed cap screwing while sucking the cap, and cap feeding stability is above 99%, work stable and accurate.

🔵 Inner Cap/Outer Cap Vibration Plate Disk 

An automatic cap sorter arranges caps onto a cap track to start feeding. This vibrating table can raise and lower bottles with a large height difference. The component is a shaker hopper and conveyor.

Finally, place the inner and outer caps on the worktable. In principle, an alternating electromagnet’s fluctuating electromagnetic force may line a flexible mechanism by causing an oriental vibration. Two-way silicon-controlled voltage adjustment allows stepless speed regulation. Adjusting power controls, the vibration hopper’s speed.

Inner/Outer Capping Process

Different bottle and cap configurations determine the stepper motor or servo motor capping drive.

1) Capping drive by reducing motor

The stepper motor powers it. Adjust the distance between the driving shaft and passive capping shaft to control the capping head’s tightness, which is a magnetic skid structure that skids when tightened tight.

2) Servo Capping

  • The screw capping torque may be automatically modified using the servo motor.
  • In the new structure, a friction plate (like brake pads) prevents servo motor control from turning, allowing the bottom screw head to idle and tighten as adaptive ability increases. The motor cannot spin if the torque of specific covers is too little, which may be regulated by inertia according to tooth tightness.
  • Screw cover with three claws: Any size cover will work as long as the claw head is interchangeable.
capping machine
filling and capping machine

Drive System: Machine Host Mechanical Drive

The mechanical principles drive more tables and more accessible work; the swing arm lifts, etc., are mechanical after the motor rotates.

For an instance, when changing the speed from 30 to 50, the transmission structure automatically switches to the host-matched speed of 50.


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