Automatic Filling Machine

An automatic filling machine is used extensively by the food and beverage industry as well as cleaning and specialty chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and personal care industries. They are versatile and customizable according to different types of products. The nozzle tips and tank options are flexible for specific applications. These filling machines are also suitable for a wide variety of applications including flammable, hazardous, corrosive and sanitary products.

Time gravity fillers are quite economical and are suitable for corrosive substances. Since the filling sequence is automatic, there is less room for error and the entire packaging operation is efficient and effective. A large number of time gravity filler machines have a single cycle operation using a footswitch.

Time gravity fillers operate through valves that are independently timed enabling the precise amount of the liquid to flow into the container. Gravity machines that have bottom up fill capability can handle most flowable liquids and work best with non-foaming thin liquids and chemicals. They can be used effectively for a wide, extensive range of products including water, alcohol, chemicals, acids, paint and bleach.


Automatic Filling Machine


How To Use Filling Machine?

Once this power conveyors have been adjusted, bottles should be lined up in the fill area and under the fill heads. If moving from one bottle to another, the fill head position may need to be adjusted. This, again, is simple enough to achieve by loosening a hand knob and sliding the fill head into position over the line of bottles before re-securing the nozzle.

Once the fill heads are all in position, some adjustment or changeover of indexing system components may also be required. For instance, if using pin indexing, the entry and exit gates will need to be relocated behind the first bottle and in front of the last bottle. These gates hold the bottles to be filled in place, but different bottle or container shapes and sizes will require different locations for the pins.

This is usually accomplished by loosening a bolt to slide the pin into position. Star wheel and screw indexing systems may require changing out one star wheel or screw for one of a different size. Again, this is usually accomplished with the loosening and tightening of a few bolts.

How Does The Filling Machine Work?

Indexing refers to the movement of bottles or other containers into and out of the fill area of a filler. Using one of several methods, the indexing system will move one bottle under each fill head on the machine.

Once the bottles are in position, they will be hold until the fill is complete. The bottles discharge to move along the power conveyor to the next packaging machine.

Proper indexing, be it through pins, a star wheel, a screw or some other method, is crucial to the efficient and reliable performance of an automatic filling machine. Without proper indexing, a packager can expect inconsistent fills, bottle jams, spills and other unwanted occurrences. Luckily almost all automatic liquid fillers include settings in the PLC and operator interface to make finding the correct indexing settings simple.

Automatic Filling Machines Improve Sanitation, Efficiency, and Speed

Round the food business, customer needs, corporate requirements and safety guidelines are providing processors headaches as they attempt to figure out how to do things quicker, cheaper and safer.

As processors wrestle with these struggles, each step along the production process and the supply chain is under scrutiny. Automatic Filling Machine isn’t exempt from that scrutiny, and since chips demand more efficiency and flexibility, manufacturers are working to give equipment which helps fulfill those goals.
Compounding all these challenges is the greater focus on organic, specialty and craft products. As they’re often smaller runs, they also add another layer of complexity to what chips need from equipment and also how quickly they need to have the ability to adapt to creating different products.

As manufacturing schedules get tighter, and mass production isn’t necessarily the solution, flexibility, efficiency and safety are non-negotiable. To meet those needs, Semi-auto Filling Machine are supplying processors more of those things.

Ideal Filling Equipment

After the goods are manufactured that they have to be filled into the containers and packaged for transport and promoting needs. This filling process is efficient and economical in the businesses with the support of technical Filling Machines. These filling machines can effectively complete the target quantity of merchandise in the ideal quantities to the container. They may be categorized into various types based upon the container where the machine needs to fill the merchandise as well as the kind of merchandise to be stuffed. Based on the kind of container to be filled, the filling machines could be categorized as ampoule filling machine, vial filling machine, tube filling machine, Bottle Filling Machine . Therefore with this kind of version range available for satisfying machines, choosing a filling machine wouldn’t be a simple job in any way.

One needs to consider several factors before buying a Liquid Filling Line. One should always buy a filling machine depending on their specific filling requirements. For example if one has requirement of filling liquids into bottles, they can opt for a bottle liquid filling machine in the essential specifications or configuration in order to get the best performance from the machine.

Secondly one should always select an high-quality machines with latest specifications. Going for fully automatic models would be the best option of all if you require a fast process machine to carry out bulk processes within short time. Moreover these automatic filling machines can reduce the work load off the shoulders of the user as most of the tasks that need manual works. By installing Automatic Liquid Filling Machine in industries one can greatly cut down on labor costs while enhancing the efficiency and decreasing the time taken for the process to complete.


How To Choose Your Filling Machine?

Filling machine characteristics determine the delivery system; a high viscosity liquid may need a slower release nozzle. Product loss is another key consideration when selecting machinery to install. In liquid filling machine system, positioning the bulk-holding container at lower level than the filling equipment gives adequate air displacement from the conducting lines hence a purer product.

Vial selection

Consider the volume of the filling product when selecting a vial. Low volume of fills may require a conical bottom rather than normal cylindrical bottle. Light sensitivity of products determines the color of vials and even the regulations of the market.

Determining Appropriate Stoppers

The stopper material or rubber also determines the physical and chemical characteristics of the product. Products from mineral oils are incompatible with butyl stoppers. The length of time of contact between stoppers and product also affects the type of stoppers.


The primary function of seal is preventing contamination of product. It is not exposed to product so reaction with product is not a major concern. Seal used must always pass the microbial or dye access, integrity test to show their suitability.

Machinery Cleaning Consideration

When purchasing any filling machine, Cleaning and flushing/backwashing considerations are essential. Surfaces in contact with product are sources of contamination especially for perishable consumable liquids. Where contamination is a challenge, use of disposables is advisable with every change in batch.


Efficiency in production leads to greater profitability of the organization. In packaging, efficiency is possible through adequate planning and installation of filling machines according to functionality. Product characteristics are a major determinant of the filling system. The packing containers influence the configuration of the filling lines. In filling of beverages, contamination can be a serious problem and using disposable parts can solve this problem.

How to Choose the Filling Method Based on Different Product for the Automatic Filling Machine?

(1) Normal pressure method

The atmospheric pressure method of Liquid Filling Machine also refers to the pure gravity method. That is, under normal pressure, the liquid material flows into the packaging container by its own weight. Most free-flowing, non-liquid-liquid materials work with this method, such as white wine, fruit wine, milk, soy sauce, vinegar, etc.

(2) Isobaric method

The isostatic method also refers to the pressure gravity filling method of the Cream Filling Machine. That is, under the condition of above atmospheric pressure, the packaging container first inflates to form an air pressure equal to that in the liquid storage tank. Then the self-weight of the liquid material flows in. Inside the packaging container. This method is common for filling of carbonated beverages such as beer, soda, sparkling wine, and the like. Filling with this method can reduce the loss of CO2 in such products, and can prevent excessive foaming during filling and affect product quality and quantitative accuracy.

(3) Vacuum method

The vacuum method of the liquid filling machine fills under sub-atmospheric conditions and is available in two ways: (a) Differential pressure vacuum type for the Automatic Filling Machine, that is, the liquid pressure tank is at normal pressure, and only the packaging container evacuates to form a vacuum. The material relies on the pressure difference between the liquid storage tank and the filling container generate flow and complete the filling. This method is popular in China. (b) gravity vacuum for the automatic liquid filling machine. That is, the liquid storage tank is in a vacuum, and the packaging container firstly draws air to form a vacuum equal to that in the liquid storage tank. Then the liquid material flows into the packaging container by its own weight, and is less applicable in the country because of the complex structure.

Vacuum filling has a wide application range, which is suitable for filling liquid materials with slightly higher viscosity, such as oils and syrups. It is also suitable for filling liquid materials containing vitamins, such as vegetable juice, fruit juice, etc. Forming a vacuum in the bottle means reducing the contact between the liquid material and the air, prolonging the shelf life of the product, and the vacuum method is also suitable for filling the poison. Materials, such as pesticides, to reduce the spillage of toxic gases and improve working conditions.

(4) Pressure method

The product material squeezes into the packaging container. This is by mechanical pressure or air pressure for the liquid filling machine. This method is mainly focuses on filling thick materials with high viscosity. Filling ketchup, meat emulsion, toothpaste, balsam and the like are instances. Sometimes it also applies for filling beverages such as soft drinks. At this time, the air pressure of the steam water itself is directly fills into the bottle. This is not inflated and equal pressure, thereby increasing the filling speed. The foam is easy to disappear due to the lack of colloid in the steam water. It has a certain influence on the quality of filling.

For general edible liquid materials such as bottled milk, bottled wine, carbonated beverages, etc., isostatic filling method, vacuum filling method, etc., but considering the cost, the isostatic filling method can effectively reduce the loss of CO2. Maintain the quality of the carbonated beverage and prevent excessive foaming during filling to ensure accurate filling measurement. Therefore, this paper uses the isostatic filling method for the automatic sauce filling machine.

The Things You Should Pay Attention Before Buying Automatic Filling Equipment

Recently, with the QS certification of food, manufacturers of edible oils have begun to pay attention to product quality and packaging. So the Oil Filling Machine has become prominent in the automatic filling machine.

According to the filling principle, the division of the Automatic Filling Machine may includes normal pressure filling machine, pressure filling machine, Liquid Filling Machine, oil filling machine, paste filling machine, sauce filling machine and automatic slurry filling. Installed, powder automatic filling machine, automatic water filling machine and vacuum automatic filling machine.

Professional Filling Machine Manufacturer tell you the thing you should pay attention before buying a filler.

  1. Look at the speed of the automatic filling machine.
  2. Environmental performance of automatic filling machine.
  3. Since the automatic filling machine depends on the calculation of the cost of the enterprise, we must consider the operating cost of the entire equipment. Such as the input of manpower and material resources. When purchasing the automatic filling machine, we must make a trade-off, purchase cost and operation. Cost trade-offs, find the best cost-effective purchase plan for you.
  4. The most important point is the after-sales service of the purchase.

Automatic Filling Machine Manufacturer, Factory

Automatic filling machine is specifically perfect for thin liquids that have consistent viscosity. Whereby, they are ideal for repeatable and accurate fill volumes. Liquid filling machine is a machine that is specially fill high viscosity liquid products. These can be shampoo, lotions, oils (motor oil and cooking), and more.

These types of machines apply extensively by the food and beverage industry. As well as cleaning and specialty chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and personal care industries. They are versatile and are customizable according to different types of products. The nozzle tips and tank options are flexible for any specific applications. These filling machines are also suitable for a wide variety of applications including flammable, hazardous, corrosive and sanitary products.

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