Automatic Granule Sugar Salt Packing Machine

Type: Automatic Granule Sugar Salt Packing Machine
Sealing type  3-side seal bag
Packing range: 0-150ml
Bag Length: 0-180mm
Bag Width: 40-140mm
Packaging speed: 20-35 bags/min
Voltage: 220v/50HZ
Power: 550W
Machine Size(L*W*H) 900*1100*1655mm
 Weight: 100kg

Automatic Granule Sugar Salt Packing Machine

This automatic salt/sugar packing machine is mainly used to pack different granulated materials. With its upgraded high-quality PLC control system and a touch screen for setting parameters, this machine is easy to use. It has a metering volume cup set that can be changed and made to fit the measuring size range.

Measuring, filling, making bags, and sealing are all done automatically by this machine. It can work with different types of bags, such as pillow stick bags, 3/4 side seal bags, etc. This automatic granule sugar and salt packing machine has a photocell that can read the eye mark on the film and a date coder that can print the expiration date.

Salt Packing Machine

Automatic Granule Sugar Salt Packing Machine Features

  1. This automatic salt/sugar packing machine features a small compact body size, is stable, easy to use, and easy to fix.
  2. It automatically measures, fills, makes bags, cuts bags to the right length, prints dates on them, and moves the finished products using a measuring device. This machine features a date printer, photocell, etc.
  3. It is equipped with a reliable and efficient photo-eye control system.
  4. This PLC-controlled automatic granule packing machine has a touch screen for more dependable operation.
Automatic Sugar Packing Machine
Granule Sugar Salt Packing

Automatic Granule Sugar Salt Packing Machine Applications

This automatic salt/sugar packing machine can be used to pack different kinds of granule products, like salt, sugar, nuts, beans, seeds, solid drinks, desiccant, medical granules, chemical particles, puffed food, shrimp strip, peanut, cooked seeds, rice, seed, monosodium glutamate, popcorn, and other grain, strip, and flake-shaped solid materials and powders, like spicy powder and granary fertilizer, etc.

This machine can handle a coiled film up to 320 mm wide, bags that are 30 to 200 mm long, 40 to 150 mm wide, and pillow bags that can be packed at a rate of 30 to 70 bags per minute. This automatic granule sugar salt packing machine is used in many industries, including food, drinks, cosmetics, drugs, chemicals, etc.

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What Are the Characteristics of The Salt/Sugar Packing Machine?

Packing Characteristics

  1. Film Input. The simple structure of a roll of the film lets it run smoothly and without trouble.
  2. Pillow Seal. Structures for cutting and sealing can be made to order for pillow stick bag seal. The width and length of the bag can be changed.
  3. 3-Side Seal. Customized structure for sealing and cutting for 3-sided seal. Both the width and length of the bag can be changed.
  4. 4-Side Seal. Structure for cutting and sealing that is very advanced for 4-side seal. The molds are made to fit a particular size plan.

Main Machine Characteristics

  1. 304 volumetric cups make measuring easy, accurate, and precise.
  2. CPU is an intelligent computer system with a single chip that helps this machine run efficiently.
  3. Step motor for the drag structure, the smooth running of the film, and the precise cutting of the bag.
  4. The 7-inch touch screen is easy to use, and you can choose from a number of languages.
  5. Separate PIO temperature controller, excellent for different packing materials.
  6. Articulated bag former structure enables stable bag forming for perfect bag shape.

Production Process

  1. In this automatic salt/sugar packaging machine, the loader sends materials to the volumetric cup filler.
  2. A cup scale is used to measure the weight of materials
  3. The material to be fed into the bag-making machine.
  4. Sealing and cutting are carried out on both ends of the bag.
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