Automatic Jam Filling Machine

Type: Automatic Jam Filling Machine
Filling volume: 100-1000ml
Filling speed: 20-80bottles/ min
Filling nozzle size: OD15mm
Liquid Contact Part Material: 316L
Conveyor size(L*W): 2000*100mm
Air consumption: ≥0.1m³/min
Power: 110/220V 50-60HZ,800w
Filling accuracy: ≤2%
Weight: 270KG
Dimension(L*W*H): 2000*1100*1750mm

Automatic Jam Filling Machine

This automatic jam filling machine makes the filling procedure faster and easier by automating the process. This machine lets you fill a certain amount of jams, liquids, or pastes into different types of containers. The PLC control technique and high operating speed are excellent for medium and large-scale manufacturing. It uses a positive displacement piston pump for accurate filling.

Also, it is long-lasting and can withstand heat and acid. This high-performing liquid filling machine is the best choice when filling special liquids. Use this jam filling machine with an automated capping machine and a labeling machine to make a full production line for high-speed packing operations.

jam filling machine

Automatic Jam Filling Machine Features

  1. This sauce filling machine‘s parts are connected using clamps, making it easy for you to change different materials and clean them often.
  2. Low failure rate, the parts are stable and reliable, and the operating life of the machine is long using electrical and pneumatic parts from well-known domestic and international brands.
  3. All parts that come into contact with materials are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel and are easy to remove and clean.
  4. Fill volume and fill speed may be easily adjusted. If no bottles or materials are being fed into the machine, it will shut down automatically after a certain time. This machine has an anti-drip mechanism built into the filler mouth.
  5. There are no parts to replace. You may easily change the bottle shape or size.
jam filling machine
jam filling machine

Automatic Jam Filling Machine Application

This jam filling machine fills liquids and pasty products into jars, bottles, glasses, plastics, cans, etc. This machine is the best at filling special types of liquid. The high-quality PLC with a man-machine interface is used to fill a wide range of viscosity products, from water to cream.

It is widely used to fill jams, tomato pastes, chili sauces, meat sauces, honey, and other paste materials with thick consistencies. This jam filling machine is popular and in demand in food and beverages, cosmetics, daily chemicals, medicines, edible oil, pesticides, and many other industries.

Suppliers of Filling Machine Parts & Components

With a two-year warranty, MAKWELL will provide filling machine essential parts and components from internationally renowned and reputable manufacturers.

What are the Characteristics of the Jam Filling Machine?

This automatic jam filling machine is made to meet the needs of the jam sauce demands. It has a positive displacement piston pump for filling product materials accurately. This machine is long-lasting and can withstand heat and acid substances. Jam, tomato paste, chili sauce, meat sauce, and honey are some of the food products for which this automatic jam filling machine is used.

When this filling machine is connected to the washing machine, tunnel sterilizer, labeling machine, and packing machine, they make up a whole filling line, operating more efficiently and producing more finished products quickly.

This jam filling machine is widely used in food and beverages, cosmetics, daily chemicals, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, oil, pesticides, and many other industries.


  1. With the help of the touch screen, it is easier to monitor and manage the working data in real-time. It is possible to change how much and how quickly filling is done to meet the needs of the manufacturing process. The PLC panel allows you to change the control panel language in a different language.
  2. This jam filling machine has a pneumatic filling nozzle that can speed up the process of filling product materials. It has an anti-dripping design that keeps the machine and the work area clean.
  3. Bottles can be moved automatically by using the high-quality conveyor belt. It has a safety guard that makes sure that products are moved in a stable way. Make the conveyor’s size bigger or smaller based on how much material you need to move.
  4. Using a high-quality electronic eye, this machine correctly identifies passing containers and performs automated tasks, reducing mistakes and improving working speed.
  5. This jam filling machine has a pneumatic diaphragm pump. It can pump paste and liquid, which makes the machine work faster.
  6. To fit different paste types, you may customize a double-material cylinder.
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