Automatic Jar Filling and Capping Machine MWFC-2

Type: Automatic Jar Filling and Capping Machine
Filling Volume: 50-500ml
Filling Precision: ≥ 99%
Capping Precision: ≥ 99%
Screw Cap Precision: ≥ 99%
Filling Capacity: 30-40 bottle/minutes
Main Motor: 2KW 220V 1phase

Automatic Jar Filling and Capping Machine MWFC-2

The Automatic Jar Filling and Capping Machine MWFC-2 is an easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain system powered by an electric motor, pneumatic system, and mechanical drive. One machine performs both filling and capping operations. Various designs for bottles and caps, including inner and outer caps, can be used with this filler capper machine.

This jar filling capping machine is equipped with a bottle turntable, an automated filling system, feed inner and outer caps, a screw cap, and a collect table. You may fill the bottle with any thick or viscous products, such as a cream, ointment, gel, or other similar substance, and then feed it into the inner cap, followed by the outer cap.

jar filling and capping machine
  1. PLC-controlled, highly accurate, and user-friendly.
  2. Advanced filling system ensures no product spillage or leaking.
  3. Use an automated hand to push the cap.
  4. Features no bottle, no filling, no capping.
  5. It makes use of technology for stepless speed regulation.
  • cream
  • ointment
  • gel
  • lotion
  • pastes

This machine fills creams, ointments, lotions, gels, or viscous fluids into plastics, glass, or polyester bottle packing containers. Suitable for bottles with Ф40mm to Ф100mm diameters. It feeds the inner and outer caps of the bottles. It is used in the cosmetics, light, daily chemical, pharmaceutical, food, and other industries. It’s a great choice for factories of all sizes.

Automatic Jar Filling and Capping Machine MWFC-2 Components

Bottle Sensor: Bottle photoelectric sensors monitor turn table status. No bottle, no filling through the control computer’s sensing signal.

Filling System: At filling periods, the PLC lifts the filling head, which controls the amount of filling.

Sealing Film : Automatic roll film sealing

Feed Outside Cap: Use the elevator to activate the feed cap and vacuum the take cap automatically.

Servo Screw Cap: Using a servo motor to tighten the screw cap will ensure that it is securely closed.


filling capping machine
liquid filling and capping machine

Jar Bottle Filling and Capping Machine Configuration

This filling and capping machine‘s design uses step-less speed adjustment to boost production efficiency while reducing labor needs. Rotating tangential force guarantees that all bottles are put onto the conveyor belt in the correct sequence.

Inner/Outer Capping Process

Different bottle and cap configurations determine the stepper motor or servo motor capping drive.

1) Capping drive by reducing motor

The stepper motor powers it. Adjust the distance between the driving shaft and passive capping shaft to control the capping head’s tightness, which is a magnetic skid structure that skids when tightened tight.

2) Servo Capping

  • The screw capping torque may be automatically modified using the servo motor.
  • In the new structure, a friction plate (like brake pads) prevents servo motor control from turning, allowing the bottom screw head to idle and tighten as adaptive ability increases. The motor cannot spin if the torque of specific covers is too little, which may be regulated by inertia according to tooth tightness.
  • Screw cover with three claws: Any size cover will work as long as the claw head is interchangeable.
capping machine
filling head

Automatic Bottle Capping Machine

Inner Plug-Outer Cap Conveyor

The conveyor and shaker hopper make up this part. Finally, the capping mold will receive the inner plug and cap. The operation is based on the idea that an alternating electromagnet’s fluctuating electromagnetic force may automatically line the system by driving a flexible mechanism to create an oriental vibration. It uses a two-way silicon-controlled voltage regulator to provide stepless speed regulation.

Inner Plug and Outer Cap Pressing

Control the electromagnetic valve using the detecting probe to ensure no bottle, no filling feature. With 0.5 MPa of air pressure, the punch should descend quickly. Electromagnetic vibration causes the vibration hopper to shake; power adjustment allows for customization of vibration velocity.

Screwing Cap

Reduce motor-driven. When screwed tight, the capping head skids due to its magnetic skid structure. The tightness relies on the force between the driving shaft and passive capping shaft, so adjust their distance to manage skid force.

Rotor Pump Filling System

When filling thick liquids or pastes, such as jam, noodle pulp, pork stuffing, tomato paste, etc., the rotor pump filling machine has the advantage of high precision.

  1. You have easy control over the filling speed and time. You may also change the working mode to suit your operation’s needs.
  2. Filling materials are more easily poured into the huge hopper, which increases productivity.
  3. Powerful pneumatic filling nozzles and pumps that may suck filling material back assure accurate filling.
  4. You may change the filling nozzle’s operating height to match the height of the bottle using the rotary knob.
  5. This has a high-quality electronic eye that can identify when bottles are going by and activate the machine accordingly. Boost precision while working.
filling capping machine

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