Automatic Ketchup Packing Machine

Type: Automatic Ketchup Packing Machine
Sealing style: 3-side seal / 4-side seal
Packing range 0.2-50ml
Bag length: 20-200mm
Bag width: 15-100mm
Packaging speed: 20-50bags/min
Voltage: AC 220V 50Hz
Power: 1.1KW
Machine Size(L*W*H) 800*800*1000mm
 Weight: 230kg

Automatic Ketchup Packing Machine

This automatic ketchup packing machine is used to put liquids, semi-liquids, and sticky liquids like ketchup, water, honey, cream, shampoo, paste, sauce, chocolate, perfume, etc., into sachets/bags. This machine automatically weighs, forms bags, fills, seals, cuts, counts, and prints codes (optional) for the whole process.

The fast pneumatic piston filler can fill up to 3600 bags per hour quickly and accurately and meets GMP standards. Bags can have three side seals or four side seals. The parts that touch the materials are stainless steel. This new ketchup packing machine is widely used in packing products in food, beverages, cosmetics, chemicals, and many other industries.

ketchup packing machine

Automatic Ketchup Packing Machine Features

  1. This automatic ketchup packing machine forms bags, measures, fills, seals, counts, and prints date codes.
  2. The material-contact part of the machine is stainless steel and has passed CE standards.
  3. Easy-to-operate English or Chinese screen display.
  4. With high-sensitivity photoelectric color tracing and digital input of the cutting position, the accuracy of the cut improves.
  5. Embedded sealing, an improved structure, an intelligent temperature controller, and good heat balancing give packing materials a clean cutting pattern and a strong seal.
  6. Speed and bag length is adjustable without adjusting and replacing parts.
  7. The rolling cup device adjusts packing volume, reduces loss, and increases production.
  8. Automatic speed display and output alert.
  9. Optional batch number and expiry date coding, 1 to 3 lines.
  10. Flat cutting, pattern cutting, and linking cutting are available.
ketchup packaging machine
ketchup sachet packaging

Automatic Ketchup Packing MachineApplications

This sauce packaging machine is used to package liquid products that are both thick and thin, such as oil, sauce, honey, ketchup, syrup, lotion, water, cream, shampoo, cosmetic creams, pastes, chocolate, perfume, etc. It uses paper/PE, PT/PE, PET/AL/PE, BOPP/PE, Tea filter paper, and other heat-sealed composite materials for packaging.

This automatic machine can pack between 20 and 50 bags per minute with an accuracy of ≤±1%. It can be used with types that seal on three sides or four sides. This new ketchup packing machine is used in many different industries, like food, drinks, cosmetics, drugs, chemicals, everyday items, hardware, pesticides, etc.

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Is automatic ketchup packing machines easy to maintain?

Today, we offer different types of ketchup packing machines applicable to various industries. We have made it easier for businesses and facilities to keep these packaging machines running well through simple maintenance.

Advanced technology and high-quality machine parts now make maintenance more effortless, like keeping automated ketchup packing equipment in good shape. Moreover, proper care is important if you want to make sure that this machine will generally keep working for a long time.

Follow these easy guidelines to keep the ketchup packing machine in good working order:

  1. Always keep the tomato ketchup packaging machine clean. All pipes must be kept clean, especially the parts that come into contact with product materials. You need to sterilize every time and wash them once a week.
  2. Make sure the ketchup tank is clean and free of scale and germs by brushing and sanitizing it.

How to Clean the ketchup packing Machine?

Cleaning the ketchup packing machine is generally easy. The body of the machine is made of stainless steel, which doesn’t rust and meets GMP standards.

Clean the machine first before putting or changing new packing materials. We suggest taking out the hopper, bag maker, and any other parts that come into contact with the material and rinsing them with water.

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