Automatic Liquid Spout Pouch Filling Capping Machine

Type: Automatic Liquid Spout Pouch Filling Capping Machine
Bag Type: Preformed bag/premade bags
Packing Speed: 33-200bags/min
Power supply: 220V, 50HZ/60HZ, 1.5-2KW
Diameter: 3300*2300*2400mm
Weight: 2500kg

Automatic Liquid Spout Pouch Filling Capping Machine

This automatic spout pouch filling machine is used to fill and cap stand-up spout pouches for packaging liquids and semi-liquid products. Fully automated production includes automatic pouch loading, vacuuming, fixed-position filling, nitrogen flushing, clean spout, cap feeding, insertion, capping, and discharge of finished products. It uses a special metering system to ensure the right amount of filling.

Our automatic juice beverage spouted pouch filling machine can be connected to a CIP cleaning system, PLC control, touch screen system, air pressure, safety switch, and glass cover. These features can be added or taken away depending on the production needs.

How to fill spout pouches with liquid products?

Spout pouches can come with pour spouts and caps. There will be an opening at the top of the bags, which you fill with your products before heat-sealing them closed.

spout pouch filling and capping machine

Automatic Liquid Spout Pouch Filling Capping Machine Features

  1. This automatic pouch filling machine adjusts the output rate by modifying the frequency and speed.
  2. The accurate indexer helps position the turnplate correctly.
  3. Automatic pouch feeder to save labor.
  4. Special metering mechanism ensures accurate filling.
  5. Vacuum and insert-type liquid filling prevent product splashing and bubbling.
  6. A device to firmly screw the caps on, ensuring cap fit.
  7. Safety glass covers the pouch capping device.
  8. An electroplated pressing plate, stainless steel rack, and 304 stainless steel housing make up liquid pouch filling machines.
spout pouch filling and capping machine
Automatic spout pouch filling and capping machine

Automatic Liquid Spout Pouch Filling Capping Machine Applications

This pouch filling machine is generally used for filling and capping stand-up pouch for packaging liquids and semi-liquid products.

Pouch filling juice, jelly, soy milk, yogurt, fruit juice, seasoning, detergent, mineral water, juice, ice cream, edible oil, seasoning, scour, laundry detergent, etc.

The filling nozzles can be customized. It can pack between 2400 and 4000 pouches per hour and fill between 30 ml and 500 ml per pouch. This automatic spout pouch filling and capping machine is used in many industries, including food, drinks, cosmetics, drugs, chemicals, everyday products, pesticides, etc.

Pouch Filling Machine Main Components

  1. Bottom Flame 
  2. Bag Loader
  3. Turntable 
  4. Dust-Resistant Covering
  5. Control Cabinet Pneumatic 
  6. Product Hopper Pump
  7. Filling Machine
  8. Cleansing Devices
  9. Cap Loader
  10. Cap Elevator
  11. Vibrating Tray
  12. Capping Machine
liquid spout pouch filling machine
liquid spout pouch filling and capping machine

Spout Bag Filling Machine Operating Process

❶  Loading of pouches
❷  Air blowing and fixed product filling
❸  Cleaning of spouts
❹  Loading and capping plastic caps on pouches
❺  Discharging of filled spout pouches


Volumetric Piston Filling for Liquids & Semi-Liquids

🔵 Food-grade hose

🔵 Food-grade gaskets

🔵 Three-way rotary valve

🔵 AISI 316 L stainless steel volumetric dosage device

🔵 Two-way pneumatic no-drop valve with shutoff nozzle

🔵 Hose tail for machine-product storage tank connection

spout pouch filling and capping machine
spout pouch

Spout Pouch: Load, Fill and Seal

What is a spout pouch used for?

There are many uses for this packaging, such as powdered drinks, sauce, baby food, beverages, chemicals, creams, grains, liquids, etc.

How to load pouches in the spout pouch filling and capping machine?

Premade pouches are placed into the spout pouch filling machine bag magazine. This requires a human operator to stay vigilant and finish the operation at certain times. A bag feeding roller then transports the pouches to the machine’s inside.

How does a pouch filling machine work?

Bag opening: Jaws open the bag, and an air pump inflates it for filling. With the bag wide open, the equipment fills it with an exact product dosage. Pouches are sealed by gently squeezing out the air.

How to fill a spout pouch?

The stand-up spout pouch can come with a cap. Add the products through the pouch’s top opening and heat seal it. Opting for a pouch with a larger side hole is possible for simpler filling and heat sealing.

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What are the Benefits of Automatic Spout Pouch Filling and Capping Machines?

  • Easy to use

This automatic spout bag filling machine is made to be easy to use. It makes packing as easy as possible to cut down on downtime. Touch screen controls do typing in specific instructions easy and stopping and starting processes easy. This makes sure that spout pouches are filled to the right level, achieving the required quality level.

  • Applies to many industries 

One of the favorite features of this packaging machine is that it works well for many different industries, especially the medical, pharmaceutical, and food industries, which all need effective sealing and protection from contaminants. This machine can fill and close spout pouches automatically. It can be used to put liquids and pastes into spout pouches.

  • More Efficient

One of the best benefits of an automatic pouch filling equipment is that it can fill and cap quickly and accurately. Because of this, companies can save money on labor because they will need fewer workers to run the machines to meet their goals. Since less work needs to be done, workers can be more productive elsewhere.

  • Less Waste

Another best reason to buy automatic spout pouch filling machines is that there is less waste when filling and capping the spout pouches because this machine can be set to fill the exact amount. Automation creates less chance of product loss and wasted packaging.

  • Easy Size Adjustment

A pouch filler machine that can switch between different packaging sizes is a huge benefit for a business that makes more than one product or sells the same product in different amounts. With this spout pouch filling machine for sale, the size of the spout pouch can be changed easily and without tools several times a day through a simple setting on touch screen controls.

Automatic Liquid Juice Beverage Spout Pouch Filling and Capping Machine in China

If you’re considering investing in a food pouch filling machine for your spout pouches to pack liquid products or want to automate how you fill spout pouches, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’d be happy to help you out!

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