Automatic Oil Pouch Packing Machine

Type: Automatic Oil Pouch Packing Machine
Packing range: 5-2500g
Bag Length: 100-300/100-350mm
Bag Width: 80-210/200-300mm
Packaging speed: 30-60 bags/min
Voltage: 220V/380V,3PH,50HZ
Power: 2.5KW
Machine Size(L*W*H) 1710*1505*1640mm
 Weight: 1480kg

Automatic Oil Pouch Packing Machine

This automatic oil pouch packaging machine is suitable for packaging all pre-made pouches. It is easy to use with the PLC, color panel, and fault indicator. Change pouches in 10 minutes, and adjust speed by changing the frequency. With a water-proof design, the surface is washable, making it easy to clean and lasting longer.

This machine has a “no/incorrect pouch, no filling, no sealing” mechanism, and an alarm when the air pressure is low and when safety guards are opened. Hygienic design, sus304 stainless steel contact parts. This automatic liquid oil pouch packaging machine has branded engineering plastic bearings that don’t need oil. They also have an oil-free vacuum pump that keeps the production environment from getting dirty.

Automatic Oil Pouch Packaging Machine

Automatic Oil Pouch Packing Machine Features

  1. This automatic oil pouch packaging machine uses a precision indexing device and a PLC to control each process and workstation. This makes it easy to use and accurate.
  2. The speed depends on the product and pouch and is adjustable by changing the frequency within a range.
  3. The automatic checking system checks the bag condition, as well as the filling and sealing condition.
  4. It features a system of “no bag/pouch, no filling, no sealing”, “no bag/pouch opening/error, no filling, no sealing”, and “no filling, no sealing”.
  5. To make sure that the products are clean, the parts that touch the products and pouches are made of stainless steel and other modern materials.
Automatic Oil Pouch Packing Machine
oil pouch packing machine

Automatic Oil Pouch Packing Machine Applications

This automatic oil pouch packaging machine is used for all kinds of pre-made pouches and liquid packing of oil, edible oil, coconut oil, cooking oil, mustard oil, engine oil, vegetable oil, beverages, sauce, paste, jam, peanut butter, etc. It can also be used to package pickles, granular materials, powder, and even solid or block-like materials.

This machine is suitable for different kinds of heat-sealable preformed bags, like side seal bags, block bottom bags, zip-lock recloseable bags, stand-up pouches with or without a spout, paper bags, etc. Automatic liquid oil packaging machines are used in many industries, like food, drinks, chemicals, lubricants, and many more.

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What are the benefits of using an automatic oil pouch packaging machine?

  1. This automatic oil pouch packaging machine has many benefits for a plant that packages oil. The main benefit is how quickly products can be made. The machine uses the newest technology to cut down on the cost of labor.
  2. This machine is also made so that it can fill many different kinds of bags/pouches and is easy to maintain.
  3. Packaging plants would be wise to use the oil packaging machine, which offers several parts from well-known companies that are easy to use.
  4. A fully automatic oil packaging machine can make bags, weigh, seal, and cut efficiently.
  5. This machine is also affordable and has a small size or footprint.

Automatic Oil Pouch Packaging Machine Price

The price of an automatic oil pouch packaging machine will depend on the type of machine, and its size. The price will also change based on how much it costs to ship to your area. Oil pouch packing machines, auto-filling machines, and automatic bottle filling and packing machines are the most common types of oil packaging machines. The price of each machine will depend on its size, features, and type. You may also ask for a machine that is made just for your production plant. Before you buy a machine, it’s best to find out what it can do.

If you want a machine that is made just for you, the price will depend on your exact needs. Once you know what is your requirements, call us because it’s time to go machine shopping!

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