Automatic Oral Bottle Filling and Cappping Machine

Type: Automatic Oral Bottle Filling and Cappping Machine
Filling Heads 16
Capping Heads 12
Power: 2.5KW
Filling accuracy: ≤±1%
Weight: 1300KG
Dimension(L*W*H): 2000*1100*2400mm

Automatic Oral Bottle Filling and Cappping Machine

This oral liquid filling and cappping machine fills pharmaceutical liquids and other viscous liquids automatically. It has automatic bottle feeding, automatic filling, stopper feeding-pressing, stopper feeding-pressing, cap feeding-closing, and bottle-out. They are very stable, making the machine easy to operate. The piston pump allows precise and large-scale filling. Easy to maintain and to keep clean. It does not come into touch with the materials, so they are not damaged.

This high-tech machine has a “no bottle, no filling” system, automatic counting, a PLC control, and a closed cam indexing station. The indexer’s structure is simple and needs no changes in the future. For safe and long-term efficiency, CE standards are used.

automatic oral filling machine

Automatic Oral Bottle Filling and Cappping Machine Features

  1. This oral liquid filling machine complies with GMP guidelines. Non-contact parts are AISI 304, and contact parts are made of AISI 316.
  2. “No container, no filling” system to prevent leaking materials.
  3. This machine has a filling accuracy of ±1% in a single dose.
  4. Easily adjust the dose using a dosing block and a pin.
  5. Use of pneumatic bottle stopper.
  6. The SS slat belt’s guide profile is made of UHMW-PE. Without friction, the belt will run smoothly and softly.
  7. The strong construction makes the machine vibration-free.
  8. Over time, there are only minor changes in the container or fill size.
  9. A VFD synchronizes the filling and conveying drives.
  10. Draining tray on the machine platform and drip tray below the conveyor.
oral filling machine
automatic oral filling machine

Automatic Oral Bottle Filling and Cappping Machine Application

The oral liquid filling machine uses a syringe, piston, and nozzles to fill volumetrically with oral liquids. The machine is mainly used to fill, plug, seal, lock, or roll bottles in pharmaceutical, food, beverages, dairy, chemical, agrochemicals, and other industries. It is widely used in filling;

  1. oral liquids
  2. syrup liquids
  3. care solutions
  4. eye drops
  5. essential oils
  6. Nutrient solutions
  7. juice
  8. Disinfectant
  9. perfume
  10. Pesticides, etc.

Chemical industry, scientific research fields, and other special industries in liquid filling. This oral liquid filling machine may link and apply as an eye drops filling machine, cream filling machine, ointment filling machine, etc.

Suppliers of Filling Machine Parts&Components

MAKWELL will provide Beverage bottle filling machine crucial parts&and components from internationallly reknowed and trusted brands after  two years warranty.


What are the characteristics and advantages of the oral liquid filling machine?

  • Characteristics
  1. This oral liquid filling machine uses food-grade SUS403/316 that has different sizes to fit different bag nozzles.
  2. PET plastic containers and bottles of different sizes and shapes may be produced using semi-automatic PET bottle blowing machines, bottle making machines, bottle molding machines, and PET bottle making machines.
  3. The PLC touch screen control panel makes it easier to adjust parameters. Fill liquid and viscosity more accurately by entering a range of filling numbers with visible working data.
  4. A high-quality air cylinder makes sure that the machine runs smoothly and quickly and fills liquids with different viscosities. The sensor identifies bottles and keeps them from being lost or thrown away. If no bottles go through, the machine won’t fill the liquid, which will cut down production mistakes.
  5. The barometer measures and show the air pressure in real-time. This device is paired with an air compressor.
  6. The electrical box has a wire connection mark for wire connection, making it simpler for error checking and maintenance.
  7. This machine is used with an automatic bottle conveyor belt and a capping and labeling machine to make fully automated production. Intensify your workday and make a huge difference in your output.
  • Advantages
  1. Automated, easy to use, and stable, this oral liquid filling machine saves money and improves production efficiency for businesses.
  2. Each machine has its operating system and electrical parts, like numerical control displays, doing its job on its own. These screens are used to change and manage different parameters and settings on each machine. Businesses can use this to make their output more consistent.
  3. Each machine can be quickly connected and disconnected. The adjustments can be made quickly and easily, allowing each stage of the manufacturing process to be consistent with the other stages. This machine can fit a wide range of bottles into its packaging with just a few adjustments.
  4. This oral liquid filling and capping machine is made to GMP standards and uses the latest technology.
  5. Combine the features quickly, and it’s easy to keep the machines running well. Many production combinations are used depending on how your product is made and process needs.
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