Automatic Perfume Liquid Filling Machine

Type: Automatic Perfume Liquid Filling Machine
Bottle diameter: 10-40mm
Filling range: ≤100ml
Bottle height: ≤120mm
Filling speed: 20-50bottles/min
Size of filling nozzle: OD 6mm
Voltage: 110/220V
Power: 500W
Weight: 128kg
Dimension(L*W*H): 1200*700*1100mm

Automatic Perfume Liquid Filling Machine

This automatic perfume liquid filling machine is used to fill perfume and other small-dose liquid products along a production line. It can do automatic feeding, filling, positioning, capping, and labeling. This machine has a beautiful design and a PLC touch screen for the control system. The precision of its photoelectric device is excellent.

All of the electrical parts are from well-known brands of high quality. This machine uses mechanical rotation to make sure it works accurately and steadily, makes little noise, uses little energy, and doesn’t pollute the air. The whole perfume filling machine is made of GMP-compliant stainless steel 304.

Perfume Liquid Filling Machine

Perfume Bottle Filling Machine Features

  1. This automatic perfume filling machine’s shaking head is made with a flexible structure and uses eccentric sieve moves.
  2. Steplessly change how often the eccentric sieve moves.
  3. It has low noise, steady falling pieces, proper counting, and speed that is adjustable through frequency conversion.
  4. The optical system stops falling pieces when there is no piece.
  5. The design idea is advanced, with a practical and compact structure.
  6. Well-known foreign brands make the main electrical parts.
  7. The machine body is made of stainless steel and plexiglass in line with GMP standards.
Automatic Perfume Liquid Filling Machine
perfume filling machine

Automatic Perfume Filling Machine Applications

This new perfume filling machine has a double-headed piece/grain counting machine that is automatic and uses frequency. It is used widely in the pharmaceutical, food, and daily chemical industries, among others, to count and fill liquids, tablets, pills, capsules, and other odd-shaped pieces in full compliance with GMP.

This perfume filling machine can fill liquid products from 10ml to 300ml of;

  • perfume
  • vials
  • medical syrup
  • oral liquid
  • injection bottles
  • eye drops
  • e-liquid, etc.

Automated Perfume Bottle Filling Advantages

  1. Before filling, the pressurized airhead cleanses bottles of contaminants.
  2. Volumetric product dispensing head with functioning cylinder and smooth dosage adjustment.
  3. The operator uses a 60-70 centimeter loading rail to place atomizers into the bottle manually. To set the atomizer in the bottle, the rest is automated.
  4. Permanent-pressing atomizer device. The head fits the atomizer well. Clamping force adjustment prevents atomizer and bottle damage.
  5. The entry transporter lets operators manually insert empty bottles into the operating section.
  6. The operator manually collects the final product. Atomizer elevator and sorter.
Perfume Liquid bottle Filling Machine

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What are the advantages of perfume filling machine parts?

🔵 Intelligent Control Panel

The touch-screen control panel makes it easy to set the working parameters. No training is needed for the operator. It helps to get production done faster and better. The language of the control panel is flexible to fit the user’s needs.

🔵 Peristaltic Pump Filling 

For liquids, a peristaltic pump is used. Other options include a piston pump or ceramic pump.

🔵 Electronic Eye

This automatic perfume bottle filling machine has a high-quality electric eye mechanism. It is used to identify and detect bottles and start or stop the machine. This device’s sensitivity may be adjusted using the adjustment component, which increases working precision.

🔵 Anti-drip Filling Nozzle

This perfume filling machine has filling nozzles that can be modified separately. This filling nozzle is adjustable to fit different product materials, which makes the machine work better for your products. This filling machine has a high-quality filling pump that ensures smooth and accurate filling.

🔵 Lids Taking Device

This device automatically takes cover and puts cover.

🔵 Screw Cover Device

This servo motor controls filling and capping, and the finished product has a high pass rate.

🔵 Height Adjustable

This height-adjustable one fits bottles of different heights, is easy to adjust, and gives you more options.

🔵 Card Bottle Rotary Table

During work, the rotary dish can help fix and move bottles. This dish should be made to fit the size of the bottle. For each type of bottle, use a different rotary dish.

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