Automatic Premade Bag Rotary Packaging Machine

Type: Automatic Premade Bag Rotary Packaging Machine
Bag Type: Preformed bag
Packing Speed: 30-60bags/min
Bag width: 60-200mm
Bag length: 80-350mm
Powder supply: 380V, 60HZ, 1.5KW
Diameter: 1500*1700*2800mm
Weight: 1500kg

Automatic Premade Bag Rotary Packaging Machine

This premade bag rotary packing machine has a dosing system to measure and fill products accurately. It is put together with an elevator that automatically lifts products. Easy to use with the high-quality SIEMENS PLC and a touch screen. It also has a Schneider frequency converter and a cylinder. The whole machine is made of 304# stainless steel and can be easily rinsed clean.

This machine has a self-diagnosis function that won’t let it fill or seal if the bag isn’t open or isn’t open or if there aren’t enough bags. This automatic zipper stand-up pouch rotary premade pouch packing machine has an alarm system to make sure the air pressure or heating devices are working right.

Premade Bag Rotary Packing Machine

Automatic Premade Bag Rotary Packaging Machine Features

  1. This automatic rotary premade pouch packing machine works with all kinds of premade pouches.
  2. It features an easy-to-use PLC and a color panel with a fault indicator.
  3. Quick and easy to adjust to different pouches.
  4. The speed is adjustable within range using a frequency converter.
  5. The surface of the machine is waterproof, so it is easy to clean and will last longer.
  6. Auto alarm on no/incorrect pouch and opening, no filling, no sealing”.
  7. When the air pressure is too low, and safety guards are opened, this machine will sound an alarm and stop.
  8. Hygienic design, sus304 stainless steel contact parts.
  9. High-quality plastic bearings with no need for oiling.
  10. Oil-free vacuum pump prevents environmental contamination.
Premade Bag Rotary Packaging Machine
Premade Bag Rotary Packaging

Automatic Premade Bag Rotary Packaging Machine Applications

This automatic rotary premade bag packing machine is used to pack many different products. It puts different kinds of solids, liquids, sauces, powders, particles, etc., into various types of packaging. This rotary premade pouch packing machine is excellent for stand-up bags, zipper bags, spout bags, and other premade pouches.

It is made up of efficient and stable workstations and can be used with different dosing systems, weigher/linear weigher/auger screw/piston filler, and automatic lifting conveyors. This automatic rotary premade pouch packing machine is used in many different industries, like food, beverages, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, pesticides, and many more.

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What Characteristics and Features of the Automatic Rotary Premade Pouch Packing Machine are Useful for Many Industries?

Automatic rotary premade pouch packing machines can pack granular, strip, sheet, block, ball form, powder, etc., like snacks, chips, popcorn, puffed food, dried fruits, cookies, biscuits, sweets, nuts, rice, beans, grains, sugar, salt, pet food, pasta, sunflower seeds, gummy candies, lollipop, sesame, and other similar products.

The following characteristics and structure features make this machine popular and useful in many industries:

Machine Details

  1. Intelligent PLC Control System- The PLC system makes it easy to change the width of all the dampers.
  2. Multi-Channel Temperature Control Module- PIO control with multichannel self-tuning that supports temperature, analog, and signal switch.
  3. Siemens Control System- Control the way each line works steadily to make sure that no mistakes happen at any stage.
  4. Clamp Width Adjustment- This mechanism can be set to the correct width depending on how wide the packaging bag is.
  5. Bag Width Adjustment- When changing out bags of different sizes, the machine parts adjust to match the width of the new bags.

Main Characteristics and Structure Features

  1. This automatic rotary premade pouch packing machine has ten stations, is controlled by a PLC, has a large touch screen, and is easy to use.
  2. It has a fault-tracking and alarm system that works automatically.
  3. A mechanical device that tracks and finds empty bags to make sure bags are filled and sealed.
  4. The primary drive system uses variable frequency speed control, a whole CAM drive, runs smoothly, and has a low failure rate.
  5. The structure of the machine as a whole meets GMP standards and is CE-approved.
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