Automatic Small Bottle Powder Filling Machine

Type: Automatic Small Bottle Powder Filling Machine
Filling speed: 10 bottles/min
Filling volume: 50~ 5000g
Filling nozzle size: 20mm
Power: 0.5kw
Voltage: 110/220V
Filling accuracy: ±1%
Weight: 323KG

Automatic Small Bottle Powder Filling Machine

This automatic powder filling machine fills and packs powders, fine particles, and other types of powder materials into packaging made from glass, plastic, tin, aluminum, paper, etc. It is controlled by servo motors and PLC and has a touch screen display.

This machine measures different weights by changing the screws, and the accuracy level is also adjustable. It can fill a wide range of powder products with precision. The whole manufacturing line is made of stainless steel, with machine parts that meet food and drug hygiene standards and are widely used in food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, chemical, etc.

Automatic small bottle powder filling machine

Automatic Small Bottle Powder Filling Machine Features

  1. This automatic powder filling machine can be made into a semi-automatic packaging machine, a linear-structure or rotating disc type automatic packaging line, or a combination of these three lines.
  2. Widely used to package powder or fine particles.
  3. For cleaning, the stock bin is dismantled without the need for tools.
  4. The stock bin is horizontally started a can be dismantled for cleaning without any tools.
  5. Controlled by servo motors and a PLC, and a touch screen display.
  6. This machine measures different weights by changing the screws, has an adjustable level of accuracy, and is used to fill and pack different types of powder.
  7. A loading machine may be added to a powder filling machine if needed.
Small Bottle Powder Filling Machine
Small Bottle Powder Filling Machine

Automatic Small Bottle Powder Filling Machine Application

This automatic powder filling machine fills and packages powders and granules correctly and fast and can be applied to many different powder products.

This machine is suitable for filling round cans of PET plastic cans, tin cans, aluminum cans, paper cans, pouches, etc. Glasses or plastic bottles are used for most powders and grains and are widely used in the food industry, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical industry, chemical, etc.

Products are filled using a vacuum or pressure system. This spice jars powder filling machine fills many kinds of powder, such as milk powder, starch, flour, spice, powdered detergents, powdered drugs and medicines, powdered pesticides, etc.

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What are the Characteristics of Automatic Powder Filling Machines?

Technical Characteristics

  1. Filler with auger operated by servo motor.
  2. CE certified powder filling machine, safe to use.
  3. Drawing film with a servo motor and a double belt that is faster and more stable.
  4. The touch screen on the Mitsubishi PLC computer is easy to operate.
  5. For Siemens frequency changers, all spare parts are from international brands.
  6. Making stand-up bags is made easy using the multi-sided forming tube.
  7. The printer has an automated film-correction mechanism and an anti-static mechanism as options.

Machine Characteristics

  1. The automatic powder filling line includes; a bottling machine, automatic feeding machine, single head powder filling machine, capping machine or sealing machine, bottle aluminum foil sealing machine; labeling machine; inkjet machine; chain conveyor, and belt packaging platform that meets the needs of the product selection pipeline.
  2. The whole production line of this automatic powder filling machine is made of stainless steel, following the choice of food and drug hygiene standards.
  3. The entire line of equipment is made to meet all of the food and drug safety standards.
  4. The fully automated operation line is set up to ensure that the whole manufacturing process doesn’t come into touch with the operators. This made the production process safe, fast, and reliable.
  5. Parts in contact with the container’s inner walls are polished, and the structure is cleaned with easily separate parts. The product doesn’t move or change while the container is being cleaned.

To do a factory site study, we can make the best production plan on the field and give you technical help to the production line and all other areas. This automatic spice jars powder filling machine cheap price for sale while providing excellent production performance.

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