Automatic Tea Packaging Machine

Type: Automatic Tea Packaging Machine
Packing range 1-100g
Bag Length: 30-170mm
Bag Width: 30-130mm
Packaging speed: 30-60 bags/min
Voltage: 220v/50HZ
Power: 1.4KW
Machine Size(L*W*H) 900*1100*1900mm
 Weight: 400kg

Automatic Tea Packaging Machine

This automatic tea packing machine is made especially for packing powdery and superfine powdery products. The servo-motor turns the auger, which is used to fill the products. It can automatically measure volume, make bags, fill, seal, cut, print dates, and cut easy tear notch. The filling range is adjustable automatically.

This granule packaging machine is fed by a straight auger screw made of 304 SS. The straight auger screw will reach above the sealing roller to stop the powder from spreading and make sure that the seal side of the bag is gas-tight, beautiful, and clean. The head of this automatic tea packing machine can be moved, which makes it easy to clean after use.

Tea Packaging machine

Automatic Tea Packaging Machine Features

  1. This automatic tea packing machine’s outer and the exposed screw are made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, which meets GMP standards.
  2. The high-quality controller changes how many grams of powder is used and adjusts the range of how full the bag can get. Making the measurement of powder in grams accurate.
  3. This packaging machine runs smoothly and quickly using the internal gear with a chain system. This keeps the noise down and makes the machine last longer.
  4. With an advanced sealing system, sealing a bag/pouch is more secure and beautiful.
  5. It has a thermometric system that measures the surface temperature of the packaging material using a unique slip ring technique. This is done to make sure bags look good.
  6. Because our high-temperature bearings don’t need lubricating oil, they save a lot of money on maintenance costs.
Automatic Tea Packaging Machine
Tea Packaging

Automatic Tea Packaging Machine Applications

This automatic tea packing machine packs powders, granules, and even liquid products. Suitable for packing tea powder, coffee powder, milk powder, juice powder, washing powder, seasoning powder, spices, chemical powder, as well as shampoo, ketchup, peanut butter, honey, milk, juice, etc.

It can automatically measure volume, make bags, fill, seal, cut, print dates, and cut easy tear notch. Available in 3 and 4-side sealing sachets with a packing speed of 30-60 bags per minute. This automatic tea powder coffee packing machine is widely used in food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and many other industries.

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What are the Factors in Determining the Price of a Tea Packing Machine?

Tea powder packing machines are always in high demand. It packs products carefully and smoothly and makes sure that the packaging is in good shape. This machine also meets requirements and does its job well.

Below are the most common factors that determine the pricing of a tea packaging machine.

  1. The first factor that influences how much a packaging machine costs is what kind of packaging it makes. It tells what parts are being used and how big or compact the machine is.
  2. The speed at which a tea packing machine is another factor that affects its price. With more speed, it has to be more careful about how every part moves. Part of the work is making sure the seals are tight, the coils are in the right place, and the weight is even.

No matter how much it costs, we make sure that all of our tea packing machines are made to fit your unique needs as a manufacturer. And we always give you a fair price for the machine.

Vertical Tea Packing Machines

The most common type of machine in the tea business is an automatic vertical tea packing machine. It is the least expensive. It works quickly and only needs a small amount of space. You just have to watch the packaging reel and the hopper.

When closing the bag, it makes the base for a new packet, into which the tea powder falls. A timer tells when to seal the bag again. The bag can then be picked up by an operator or dropped onto a moving belt. Most of the time, this kind of tea packaging machine is used for bulk packaging.

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