Automatic Tea Sachet Bag Packing Machine

Type: Automatic Tea Sachet Bag Packing Machine
Packing range: 0-3g
Sealing type: Three side sealing
Outer bag size: 7*9cm,8.5*9.5cm,customized
Packaging speed: 50 bags/min
Packaging material: Wood pulp filter paper for inner bag;

Aluminum foil/coated paper for outer wrapper.
Voltage: 110/220/380v
Power: 2.2KW

Automatic Tea Sachet Bag Packing Machine

This automatic tea packing machine makes a single chamber with thread and tags, tea bags for tea powder, CTC tea, Orthodox tea, etc. It automatically weighs, form, fill, attach a string, seal, attach a tag, and cuts the inner bag. Outer wrapping: make a bag, put in a teabag, seal it, and cut it (optional).

This machine uses two tea bags, one on the inside and one outside. Its stepping motor controls the sealing paper on the outside, ensuring that the bag is the correct length and in the right place. PID improves temperature control accuracy. With an easy-to-use interface, the PLC controls how the whole machine works. All parts are SUS304 stainless steel to ensure the product is safe to use and clean.

Automatic Tea Sachet Bag Packing Machine

Automatic Tea Sachet Bag Packing Machine Features

  1. A stepper motor controls this automatic tea packing machine’s outer sealing paper, and the bag length is correct and in the proper position.
  2. The temperature control is accurate, using the PID to adjust the temperature controller.
  3. This machine uses PLC to control the whole machine, with a man-machine interface display makes it easy to use.
  4. Auto-warning display for easy troubleshooting.
  5. All of the contact parts are SUS304 stainless steel to ensure the product is safe and clean.
  6. The high-quality cylinders make sure accurate and stable work.
  7. This granule packing machine attachment device can do flat cut, date printing, tearing, and other tasks.
Automatic Tea Sachet Bag Packing Machines
Tea Sachet Bag Packing Machine

Automatic Tea Sachet Bag Packing Machine Applications

This automatic tea packing machine is used to pack single chamber tea bags, herbal tea, flavored tea, flower tea, CTC tea, coffee, etc. It weighs, forms, fills, seals, puts a tag on, and cuts the inner bag automatically. Outer bag: it makes a bag, puts a tea bag inside, seals it up, and cuts it (optional).

This machine uses wood pulp filter paper for the inner bag, an outer wrapper of aluminum foil/coated paper, and other heat sealable materials with 3-side sealing. This new tea packing machine is widely used in tea, coffee, nuts, food packaging, and many other industries.

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What are the Characteristics of Tea Packing Machine Parts?

This automatic tea packing machine is made up of high-quality parts. They have the following excellent characteristics:

Smart and Multi-Language Touch Screen 

The interface is easy to use, and touch screens make it simple to change any setting.

Weighing Cup 

The volumetric tea is automatically filled and packed, and the measuring cup that holds the material rotates so that it doesn’t wear out. Each tea pack weighs the same, and any kind of tea can be put in it.

Stable and Efficient PLC Control

This machine uses an advanced PLC control system to operate different operating instructions. Different programs are available to achieve different packaging effects faster and more reliably depending on the packing needs.

Tag Running

The advanced photoelectric and cutting systems cut the tag following the mark or in any position.

Inner Bag Forming Seal

The inner bag is made with a flat seal, and the wiring is sealed and cut with a strong Hob-type seal, making it easier to work.


The outer bag packaging comes in after the robot grabs the inner bag, which is already packed.


The stable structure of the manipulator is connected to each sealer.

Outer Bag Hob Seal

The outer bag hob seal gives excellent sealing and cutting finish.

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