Automatic Ultrasonic Tube Filling and Sealing Machine MWPF-1

Model: MWPF-1
Tube Material: Plastic, Composite tube
Output: 15-35 tubes/min
Power: 2kw
Filling Range: 100-500ml
Dimension: L1300*W900*1550mm
Voltage: 110V/1PHASE/50HZ

❶ This ultrasonic tube sealing machine features automatic tube loading, auto tube orientation, auto filling, auto sealing, auto date coding, auto trimming;

❷ Using 10 work station splitter accurate positioning;

❸ Adopt automatic identification system, no pipe, no filling, no sealing;

❹ The machine is made of 304 stainless steel, resistant to acid and alkalinity and corrosion;

❺ This tube filling and sealing machine is equipped with a fault alarm system to quickly locate and solve the problem of fault;

❻ Use of leak proof filling head;

❼ Used for Food, medicine, cosmetics, chemicals and other hose seals.

❽ Large Ultrasonic output power to ensure the sealing quality of various tube size and material.

❾ Overload protection, phase separation protection, power-fail protection.

❿ Easy change working mold for difference tube diameter

Suitable Tube Diameter: 10-60mm
Suitable Tube Height: 10-250mm
Filling range: 100-500ml
Air pressure: 0.6-0.8Mpa
Sealing systems Machine tuck/Hot air
Filling range: 3-180ml
Output: 15-35tube/min
Power: 2kw
Frequency: 20KHZ
Filling Accuracy: ≦±1%

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