Automatic Vertical Coffee Granule Packaging Machine

Type: Automatic Vertical Coffee Granule Packaging Machine
Bag length: 100-350mm
Bag width: 80-200mm
Packaging speed: 16-50bags/min
Voltage: 380V
Power: 2.3KW
Machine Size(L*W*H) 4500*2820*3700cm
 Weight: 2600kg

Automatic Vertical Coffee Granule Packaging Machine

This automatic vertical coffee packaging machine is used for packaging solid grain types of products such as coffee, candies, nuts, chips, pet food, seeds, etc. It uses an advanced weighing and packing system for precise measurement.

This machine operates at a fast speed, is steady, has a low failure rate, makes no noise, and uses #304 food-grade stainless steel for filling. The PLC system adjusts all clamps automatically. No need to manually adjust each station while changing bag sizes. This coffee packaging machine is suitable for food, medical, chemical, commodity, toys, and many other industries, with a wide range of applications.

Automatic Vertical Coffee Granule Packaging Machine

Automatic Vertical Coffee Granule Packaging Machine Features

  1. This automatic coffee powder packaging machine has a color touch screen and an imported PLC control system that make it easy and quick to use.
  2. A diversified bag style includes pillow-shopped, gusset, hanging hole, bags, etc.
  3. It has a high-quality servo film transport system, a branded color standard sensor, accurate positioning for excellent machine performance, and beautiful, seamless packaging.
  4. This automatic packaging machine has a number of automatic alert prevention mechanisms to keep losses to a minimum.
Automatic Coffee Granule Packaging Machine
Automatic Vertical Coffee Granule Packaging Machine

Automatic Vertical Coffee Granule Packaging Machine Applications

This automatic coffee packaging machine is used for packaging free-flowing grains, pulses, seeds, salt, coffee beans, maize, nuts, candies, dried fruits, pasta, vegetables, snacks, pet food, small hardware, and many more.

Depending on packing material and bag type, it generates a packaging speed of 16-50 bags per min, with sealing styles such as standard pillow bag, wave pillow bag, flat pillow bag, pillow bag, continuous bag, 3-side sealing, 4-side sealing bag, etc., fast and accurate. This coffee packaging machine is widely applied in food, pet food, hardware, and many other industries.

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Why Buying an Automatic Coffee Packaging Machine is Best for Your Facility?

As there is always a large market for coffee products, manufacturers should also increase production. Now, speeding up the production requires using today’s advanced technology. Automating your facility is a great way to improve your manufacturing without compromising the quality efficiently.

An automatic coffee packaging machine is a good investment, especially for companies with medium to high productions. As the look and quality of the coffee packaging are essential in selecting the packaging machine, we provide you with coffee packaging machines for instant coffee, drip coffee, and coffee beans of the best quality.

Below are some practical information on why buying an automatic coffee packaging machine is best for your facility.
  1. This automatic coffee packaging machine can make different bag types, like pillow bags, gusset bags, quad seal stand-up bags, etc., easily and fast that will suit your product packaging needs.
  2. It is easy to change the bag former on the spot without going through many processes.
  3. This machine is equipped with a PLC control system and a human-machine touch screen for fast and easy control.
  4. This machine has two servo motors that allow it to achieve precise positioning, rapid and smooth speed, and a steady operation.
  5. It has an auto-alarm function to avoid excess loss.
  6. The measuring, feeding, filling, making the bag, and printing are all done automatically.
  7. Use of 304 stainless steel that is food-safe and long-lasting.
  8. Only one operator is needed to run and maintain the machine.
  9. Up to 80 bags per minute of packing speed.
  10. This machine has four controls for the temperature. Each heating block has its temperature controller, which helps keep the temperature more stable.

This coffee packing machine can weigh and fill the ground coffee into a pouch made of film, then seal and cut the pouch. Fast and with a lot of accuracies. Set the amount of coffee per bag on the touch screen, put the roll of film on the machine, and begin by filling one bag with coffee.

Coffee packaging machines lessen the human touch to keep coffee fresh during the packaging process. The hands-free method also speeds up the operation. Our machines are known for being reliable, making little noise, and having the fast speeds needed for coffee packing.

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