Automatic Water Packing Machine

Type: Automatic Water Packing Machine
Packing range: 0-3g
Sealing type: Three side sealing
Outer bag size: 7*9cm,8.5*9.5cm,customized
Packaging speed: 50 bags/min
Packaging material: Wood pulp filter paper for inner bag;

Aluminum foil/coated paper for outer wrapper.
Voltage: 110/220/380v
Power: 2.2KW

Automatic Water Packing Machine

This automatic water packing machine is a vertical machine used to pack liquid products. It is a machine that seals on three sides and packs liquids accurately. Automatic finish the whole process of making bags, filling, sealing, printing the number, cutting, and counting.

This liquid packing machine is run by a microprocessor, and it uses a photoelectric eye and an automatic color-code track to ensure that the actions are done correctly and reliably. The temperature of heat-sealing is automatically controlled, the output is beautiful and fast, the machine has a stainless steel shell, and cleanliness is guaranteed. This machine is widely used to pack drinks or beverages in film, plastic, etc.

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Automatic Water Packing Machine Features

  1. This automatic water packing machine is run by compressed air and controlled by a computer. It is easy to use, easy to maintain, works well, and has high quality.
  2. Uses a unique method to control the length of sacks. The length of the sacks used in manufacturing is correct and easy to change.
  3. It has an intelligent temperature-control device that can keep track of the hot-seal temperature and ensure the seal is excellent.
  4. There is no need to change the accessories. This machine can make three-side seals, four-side seals, thin, flat sacks, and pillow-shaped sacks.
  5. Special photoelectricity orientation technology to get a full picture of how color-marked sacks are made.
  6. Printing the products’ batch numbers and made it easy to use the tearing opening.
Flour Powder Packing Machines
flour powder packing machine

Automatic Water Packing Machine Applications

This automatic water packing machine is suitable for packing water, milk, soybean milk, sauce, vinegar, wine, and all types of drinks and beverages with film and plastics. All of the automatic steps, such as UV sterilization, bag figuration, date printing, filling to a certain amount, enveloping, cutting, counting, etc., are done by the machine.

It also carries liquid chemical products, peanut oil, vegetable oil, plant oil, and plant oil. This new water packing machine is used in many different industries, including those that deal with water, mineral water, distilled water, beverages, non-carbonated drinks, carbonated drinks, chemicals, and many more.

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Why is Water Packing Machine A Good Investment?

Having clean and sturdy packaging is important, just like how important filtering and cleaning processes are before water is sold to customers. This automatic water packaging machine uses advanced technology to pack different kinds of liquids into pouches.

  1. This water packing machine is a piece of fully automatic equipment that is made to fill pouches with liquids quickly and perfectly. It is excellent for packaging water, mineral water, distilled water, milk, buttermilk, juices, aerated drinks, liquor, and many other liquids that flow easily.
  2. The main strengths of the machine are its controlled flow and stable operation, which are both very important when working with liquids. The pouches are made with the best polyethylene film that can be found on the market, and their sizes can be changed according to what the customer wants. This water pouch packing machine can fill between 1000 and 2200 pouches per hour, depending on the amount of liquid being dispensed and the flow rate.
  3. Because the process is fully automated, it is easy to operate and doesn’t need much maintenance. We have what customers look for features in a water packing machine that take up the least amount of space and are the easiest to use. It’s not only affordable but also easy to use and keep up with, and it works well to meet your specific water-making needs.
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