Beverage Bottle Filling Machine

Warranty: 2 years
Power: 3.2KW
Voltage: 220V(customized)
Hertz: 50/60Hz
Capacity: 50-1000ml(customized)
Dimension: 1900*780*(2650-3000)(customized)
Weight: 2200KG(customized)
Speed: 15-100bottles/min

Beverage Bottle Filling Machine

The beverage bottle filling machine is made with advanced technology to meet the beverage industry’s needs. This equipment combines bottle washing, liquid filling, and capping into a single monobloc suited for use in a plastic bottle manufacturing line. Each of the three processes is automatically performed.

The beverage filling machine can fill a variety of liquid products, such as beer, wine, soda, juice, etc. This filler machine’s many functions are a precise temperature control system, a reverse-flow system, an automated cleaning system, and a control program. Providing any beverage production line with reliable operation, ease of use, and customizable options.

beverage bottle filling machine

❶  The beverage bottle filling machine has a user-friendly HMI with simple language switching.

❷  Ceramic-plate reflection, heating, and heat-protection systems ensure preform is evenly heated.

❸  A high-pressure gas recovery system saves over 30% compressed air.

❹  An ionized de-duster makes the packaging container cleaner.

❺  A filling valve made with a clean and safe body valve.

❻  The custom-built servo stretching mechanism enables precise positioning at different speeds.

❼  The beverage filling machine also sterilizes packaging materials.

❶ Juice

❷ Wine and Beer

❸ Soda and Cider

❹ Sparkling drinks

❺ Carbonated drinks

❻  Drinking water

The beverage bottle filling machine, which is made up of bottle washing, filling, and capping, can be used for various filling applications. This machine can fill carbonated drinks into PET or other plastic bottles of different sizes and shapes.

Bottle sizes may range from 200ml to 2000ml for small bottles to 5 liters to 10 liters for large bottles. The capacity ranges from 4000 to 24000 bph.



Beverage Bottle Filling Machine Efficiency

This liquid filling machine can be set to operate at different speeds and to have various numbers of filling heads. Washing, filling, and capping are the operations that are carried out by the machine. And all of the parts are controlled by a PLC on an automated basis.

Beverage filling machines have been designed to fill juice, beer, wine, soda, non-carbonated drinks, etc. A high degree of automation, as well as great filling accuracy and easy operation, characterize this machine. It may also be equipped with a cleaning system for clean-in-place cleaning (CIP).

Water Bottle Filling Heads
Touch screen control panel

Touch Screen Control Panel

The beverage bottle filling machine features a touch screen panel. In this way, working settings are clearer to see, and it’s easier to use English-language software. Users can also adjust the operating mode and manage working time.

The language used to run the beverage filling machine can be changed to fit your needs. The touchscreen can simplify parameter adjustment.

Displayed operational data makes it easier to fill the machine with the right amount of liquid products, which makes the equipment run smoothly and quickly. Production can be done automatically, and the risk of errors is reduced.

Beverage Filling Machine Components

Well-known international brand companies manufacture the core parts of the beverage bottle filling machine, ensuring perfect performance with each filling machine. The Japanese MITSUBISHI manufactures PLCs, inverters, and touch screens. As for the switch, the contactor and relay are from SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC. The drive motors are made by the German company SIEMENS. Aside from these, other brands such as NSK, AUTONICS, AIRTAG, etc., are also included.

The specifics of the parts make up the core of the beverage filling machine, and the use of components from well-known companies makes sure the equipment is strong and long-lasting.




Water Filling Machine Components

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How Does a Beverage Bottle Filling Machine Line Work?

The packaging machines for bottling beverages comprises of components. This includes a bottle washer, filler, capping machine, primary motor, conveyor system, PLC system, steel frame, and window sealing. The beverage filling machine process is divided into three steps; bottle washing, bottle filling, and bottle capping.

🔵 Bottle Washing

Star wheels move the bottles to the bottle washer through an air channel. Clamps hold the bottles in place in the rotating disk of the bottle washer while the bottles are being turned upside down. Then, water comes out of the bottle’s nozzles and cleans the inside of the bottle. The clamps turned the bottles over once more after they had been washed and dried.

🔵 Bottle Filling

Following that, star wheels are used to transport the bottles to the filling station. Bottleneck clamps are used to hold the bottles in place, while cams are used to raise them during the filling operation. When the bottles are close enough to the filling valves, the valves automatically open. After that, the liquid product is poured into bottles by the force of gravity. When the specified amount of liquid product is reached, the bottles are lowered, and the valves are turned off.

🔵 Bottle Capping

Following that, the bottles are carried to the capping machine using bottleneck clamps. A bottle capping machine is composed of two parts: the rotation stopper, which holds the bottleneck and stops it from rotating, and the cap screwer, which performs the functions of grasping, covering and fastening the cap. Following the capping of the bottles, the completed bottles are transported to the conveying chain by star wheels, where they are then transported out of the beverage bottle filling machine.

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