MAKWELL Blister Packaging Machines

MAKWELL blister packaging machine packs tablets, capsules, and other medical products in unit-dose blisters. A component of the machine consists of a bubble pack, which can take the form of a formable film using cold-forming aluminum or thermoforming plastic. The bubble pack usually has an aluminum foil lidding seal. This electromechanical machine helps pack and seal products with stationary and moving parts in preformed holes.

The blister packing machines’ mechanics shape packaging cavities, fill products and seal them using a suitable material. Our blisters are good for packing a lot of different products, and pharmaceutical blisters are the most common.

MAKWELL Blister Packing Machines

PVC/Alu Blister Packing Machine
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Blister Packaging Machine Applications

MAKWELL blister packing machine allows you to pack pharmaceutical products into blister packaging. This equipment is an electromechanical machine that forms blisters, then fills and seals products. We manufacture blister packaging machines that pharmacies often use. Suitable for packaging tablets, capsules, and other medical products.

The machine prepares the filling materials by creating cavities in different webs and sealing the packages to prevent tampering. Aluminum is the material for lidding and PVC for forming the film. Additionally, it comes with a printing function featuring printed labels so that patients or consumers will identify your products easier.

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Blister Packaging Machine Features

MAKWELL blister packing machine has features to help you increase productivity and make blister packaging easier. In addition to increased productivity, the machine’s design provides flexibility in the production process. Using the automation system, you can feed material, make blister cavities, fill, seal, print, etc. A drive system that optimizes the blister packing process, CE, and cGMP compliant design.

Our Blister packing machine offers low operating costs as it is simple to use. In addition, the machine ensures safety with safety interlock doors and an alarm system to prevent injuries from occurring during your blister packaging.

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What are the advantages of using the MAKWELL blister packing machine?

MAKWELL blister packing machines are electromechanical devices that form blister packs, preformed packing, and containers containing products and seals. This machine is common equipment used for packing capsules, tablets, food, etc. And are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry.

MAKWELL Blister Packing Machine Advantages 

There are many advantages to using a blister packaging machine, but the most important ones are:

Blister Packing Helps to Keep Products in Good Condition

The blister packing will keep the products safe from outside factors, which will help them last a long time.

Blister Packs Are Not Easy to Open

The packing makes sure that products are safe from outside contamination and leakage. Only the outer layers of the packaging can be taken off to get to the contents. This way, you can also tell if someone has changed the product by looking at the packaging.

Blister Packing is Affordable

Packaging in blisters is less expensive than other forms. Considering the low price, packing is simple and offers a good investment return, even for complex packaging products.

Blister Packs Make it Easier to Keep the Doses Accurate

With every tablet or capsule in its cavity, you can ensure that the dose is correct. It will cut down on the chances of things like people overdosing on prescription medications. It’s very easy to see how you take your meds by looking at the blister packs.

Blister Packs Make Identifying Products Easier

It’s easy to tell the different doses apart because of the visible product’s name and expiration date, as well as its code number.

How many bottles can the packing machine produce per minute?

The speed of a packing machine is expressed in completed bottles per minute (bpm). This value shows the final output per minute. The packing machine speeds for your operation will depend on your product, qualities, factory environment, bottle type, operator competence, and budget.

Calculate the equivalent bpm if you have a specified target bottle. A semi-automatic or manual packing method might be preferable for varying production needs. Whereas automating the operation accelerates the whole process.

Are there any specifications for packaging machine bags or containers?

Yes. It is essential to understand the precise specifications of your bags or containers to specify the suitable equipment and present you with an accurate packing machine estimate. There are certain specifications for each packaging machine, and the manufacturer’s suggestions will base on your container size and type.

Here, you must provide the dimensions, weights, or volumes of the package and any applicable legal restrictions. Metric units measure in mm or ml, whereas imperial units measure pounds, inches, and ounces.

What is the difference between Free-Flow and Non-Free-Flow products?

Understanding whether your product is free-flowing or non-free-flowing is critical to any powder packaging machine. This impacts the filler your product needs to disperse powder into its package.

With the effect of gravity, the free-flowing product falls rapidly. Non-free-flowing materials, on the other hand, must be sufficiently compacted and supported during packing since their cohesive qualities need whole new filling processes to carry the materials efficiently.

Volumetric or free-flow auger product fillers are for packing free-flow powders, and non-free-flow powder packing requires an auger filler that can correctly dispense cohesive materials.

What should I consider when using a granule packing machine?

Granule packaging machine contains electrical components for controlling their operation. Avoid flushing it right away. You may risk damaging the control parts. Choose power and air source that comply with applicable equipment restrictions. Ensure that the air and power supply are off before dismantling or cleaning the equipment. Some circuits in the electrical control remain active even after shutting off. Ensure the machine has a power socket with a ground wire to prevent electric shock.

What role does the viscosity of a liquid play in its packaging?

Fluids differ by their viscosity; it is their resistance to flow. The molecular structure of fluid with a high viscosity doesn’t flow as easily. In comparison, a fluid with low viscosity flows very quickly because its molecular structure causes very little friction when moving.

In selecting a liquid packing machine, consistency is an important consideration. Viscosity dictates the product filler used: it must exert the appropriate force to produce flow without overfilling the package.

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