There are so many liquid packing machines that are found in the market today. The filling machines comes in different brands, sizes and color that satisfies the need of the customers. Most of these filling machines have good engineering constructional design.

The good engineering construction design make these food filling machines to be durable and in apposition to offer the best filling service.

Aseptic filling technology is known for its efficiency, durability as well as the ability to produce the minimum pollution to the environment. They are innovative. The aircraft type of these packaging machines is widely used for milk, fermented bean curd, the vinegar, soy drink, the liquor and most of other aseptic liquids.

This aseptic filling technology makes this machine able to carry on the ultraviolet ray to antiseptic automatically. It has a feed bag formation, date printing and the quota fill install. It has a seal gather shut off that is completely disposable. The food filling machines is made of a stainless steel structure that makes up to the international sanitation standards.

We can produce and wholesale food filling machines such as automatic food filling machine, semi-auto food filling machine, honey filling machine, coconut oil filling machine, liquid food bottle filler and so on.

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