The features of automatic tube filling machine

Our automatic tube filling machine is widely used to fill and seal tubes with viscouse liquids filling ,paste filling, cream filling, tooth paste filling,cosmetic cream filling,gel filling,adhesive filling,ointment filling.

The features of automatic tube filling machine:

1.Indexer is absolutely smooth.

2.The pump unit has a vertical dosing system, which aids in easy suction.

3.Bottom-up filling coupled with shut-off nozzle ensures accurate & clean fill without air entrapment

4.Tool-less adjustments coupled with faster reproduction of settings (aided by position indicators and tri-clover fittings) make changeover quite effortless.

5.Product level sensor, centralised lubrication and a host of safety features like detection of reverse tube, jammed tube, air pressure drop etc. are part of basic machine.

As a liquid filling machine manufacturer, we can provide pharmacy filling machine, semi-auto food filling machine, automatic plastic tube filling sealing machine and so on. Looking forward to your purchase!

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