About bottle liquid filling machine you need know

Before we get to setting the actual indexing times, there are several physical adjustments that will need to be made when running a bottle or container the first time, or when switching from one bottle to another on the automatic filling machine.

The guiderails on the power conveyors that move the bottles into the fill area will need to be adjusted for the container being used. Guiderails that are too tight can hinder the progress of containers on a conveyor, slowing down indexing times. Set the guiderails at an excessive width and containers may tip or line up improperly under the fill head. This adjustment can be made by simply setting the container to be run onto the conveyor belt and using hand knobs to adjust the guiderail height and width along the conveyor system. The guiderails should provide support while also allowing the bottles to move freely down the line, just touching an area of the bottle that will provide the needed stability.

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