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As an Automatic Glue Filling Machine Manufacturer, share with you. Before buying a glue dispenser, there are two things you need to figure out:

1. Basic characteristics of the glue used

a) What kind of glue is one-component or two-component (AB glue),

b) If it is two-component, what is the weight ratio of AB glue,

c) The viscosity and density of the glue,

d) How long does it take for the glue to begin to cure, and the time to fully cure,

e) How the glue is packed,

2. Requirements to be achieved by the glue pouring process

a) What are the requirements for the filling accuracy and the amount of glue used for each product?

b) Glue is used for potting, sticking, insulation, moisture-proof, dripping,

c) How to achieve the glue operation,

Glue Filling Machine with 304ss:

1. Glue

One-component glue dispenser for ordinary glue, two-liquid glue dispenser for AB glue, PU glue dispenser for PU glue, and UV syringe glue for specific syringe.

2. Glue filling process

Semi-automatic glue filling machine (such as foot control) is applicable in ordinary glue filling, and desktop, three-axis, circle drawing, etc., for precise positioning. The automatic function of the dispenser is actually an accessory function. The glue dispenser plays a more role in controlling the glue. Other functions can be realized by the automated robot.

3. Work efficiency and environment

Less products, do not pursue efficiency, use a manual glue gun; outdoor work, use a glue gun. Requires precise control of the amount of glue, using the machine. If automatic dispensing is necessary, use an automatic machine.

4. Cost

There are various filling solutions. Not all filling machines need to use machines, and not all automatic dispensing must be attached to the filling machine. In terms of cost, if a certain glue needs to use a too expensive machine, you can consider replacing the glue. If the price of an automatic dispenser is too high, consider moving the product instead of the dispenser.

The following points to know when purchasing the glue dispenser:

First: First of all, you need to understand the characteristics, specifications, etc. of your own product. In addition, you need to know the glue information of the product you are using. Types of glue: epoxy, polyurethane, and silicone. What is the viscosity of the main agent? What is the viscosity of the hardener? Mixing ratio: Main agent: Hardener. And the tolerance range. ^ ^ ^

Second: Knowing the first point before will be easy to handle, and you can follow it to configure the equipment, the size of the A and B buckets. Whether we heat the bucket according to the product need to take an automatic line, or to make fixtures. Many customers want ready-made glue filling machine equipment. In fact, they understand that, in fact, the glue filling machine is more suitable for customization according to different shapes and sizes. This is more conducive to machine maintenance, maintenance, and price adjustment.

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