(1) Normal pressure method

The atmospheric pressure method of Liquid Filling Machine is also called the pure gravity method, that is, under normal pressure, the liquid material flows into the packaging container by its own weight. Most free-flowing, non-liquid-liquid materials can be filled by this method, such as white wine, fruit wine, milk, soy sauce, vinegar, etc.

(2) Isobaric method

The isostatic method is also called the pressure gravity filling method of the Cream Filling Machine, that is, under the condition of above atmospheric pressure, the packaging container is first inflated to form an air pressure equal to that in the liquid storage tank, and then the self-weight of the liquid to be poured is flown in. Inside the packaging container. This method is commonly used for the filling of carbonated beverages such as beer, soda, sparkling wine, and the like. Filling with this method can reduce the loss of CO2 contained in such products, and can prevent excessive foaming during filling and affect product quality and quantitative accuracy.

(3) Vacuum method

The vacuum method of the liquid filling machine is to be filled under sub-atmospheric conditions and can be carried out in two ways: (a) Differential pressure vacuum type for the Automatic Filling Machine, that is, the liquid pressure tank is at normal pressure, and only the packaging container is evacuated to form a vacuum. The material relies on the pressure difference between the liquid storage tank and the container to be filled to generate flow and complete the filling. This method is more commonly used in China. (b) gravity vacuum for the automatic liquid filling machine, That is, the liquid storage tank is in a vacuum, and the packaging container firstly draws air to form a vacuum equal to that in the liquid storage tank, and then the liquid material flows into the packaging container by its own weight, and is less used in the country because of the complicated structure. Vacuum filling has a wide application range, which is suitable for filling liquid materials with slightly higher viscosity, such as oils and syrups. It is also suitable for filling liquid materials containing vitamins, such as vegetable juice, fruit juice, etc. Forming a vacuum in the bottle means reducing the contact between the liquid material and the air, prolonging the shelf life of the product, and the vacuum method is also suitable for filling the poison. Materials, such as pesticides, to reduce the spillage of toxic gases and improve working conditions.

(4) Pressure method

The material to be poured is squeezed into the packaging container by mechanical pressure or air pressure for the liquid filling machine. This method is mainly used for filling thick materials with high viscosity, such as filling ketchup, meat emulsion, toothpaste, balsam and the like. Sometimes it can also be used for the filling of soft drinks such as soft drinks. At this time, the air pressure of the steam water itself is directly poured into the bottle which is not inflated and equal pressure, thereby increasing the filling speed, and the formed foam is easy to disappear due to the lack of colloid in the steam water. It has a certain influence on the quality of filling.

For general edible liquid materials such as bottled milk, bottled wine, carbonated beverages, etc., isostatic filling method, vacuum filling method, etc., but considering the cost, the isostatic filling method can effectively reduce the loss of CO2. Maintain the quality of the carbonated beverage and prevent excessive foaming during filling to ensure accurate filling measurement. Therefore, this paper uses the isostatic filling method for the automatic sauce filling machine.

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