How to choose filling machine?(2)


The primary function of seal is preventing contamination of product. It is not exposed to product so reaction with product is not a major concern. Seal used must always pass the microbial or dye access, integrity test to show their suitability.

Machinery Cleaning Consideration

When purchasing any filling machine, Cleaning and flushing/backwashing considerations must be made. Surfaces in contact with product are sources of contamination especially for perishable consumable liquids. Where contamination is a challenge, use of disposables is recommended with every change in batch.


Efficiency in production leads to greater profitability of the organization. In packaging, efficiency is achieved through adequate planning and installation of filling machines according to functionality. Product characteristics are a major determinant of the filling system used. The intended packing containers influence the configuration of the filling lines. In filling of beverages, contamination can be a serious problem and using disposable parts can solve this problem.

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