Some features of vacuum emulsifying mixer machine

Vacuum emulsifying mixer machine feather is lid for automatic hydraulic lift, water, pan the material through the pipeline in a vacuum directly into the emulsion pot, a material way for emulsifying pot and pot valve flip-discharge type, etc., through a vapor of heating the inner pot to achieve the heating of the sandwich material, the heating temperature can be set automatically. In the mezzanine access to the material for the coolant to cool, simple, convenient, mezzanine outside the insulation. Homogeneous system and mixing system can be used separately, can also be used simultaneously.

Micronized materials, emulsification, mixing, mix thoroughly and dispersion can be completed in a short time. And material contact parts made of stainless steel (commonly 304, medical 316L), the inner surface of the mirror polishing, vacuum mixing device hygiene, use of health standards manufactured in compliance with GMP standards, and is ideal for customers cream production equipment.

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