By the strong force of high-speed Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer, the substances will undergo the narrow area of the emulsifying mind, it creates a potent flow in the boat. At the center part, the centre frames and outer low rate anchor rotates in reverse direction. It plays great shearing, effect, and dispersion from the boat. It helps to combine, mixer, emulsify, and homogenize the item from the container, and improve the firmness, smoothness and luster of lotion solutions. The emulsifying (mixing) mind is exchangeable for your different products.
Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer Manufacturer show you to several advantages.
Mixing oil and water phases materials in high speed to get ideal emulsion product of fantastic quality.
Machine is made up of vacuum-resistant container with coat for cooling and heating. Equipped with high speed homogenizer, scratching agitator, vacuum pump, and hydraulic pump for liftingheat & cooling .
Our Automatic Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer equipped with heating system & cooling system that simplifies the processing. In this exact same gear, you can do from heating-melting-emulsifying-air bubble decrease (by vacuum cleaner )-cooling without altering boats, it saves plenty of work and time to the own production.

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