In February 2018, our factory received an inquiry from Alibaba, a cosmetics company in the United States, to consult us about the machine of cosmetic cream by Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer Machine /vacuum homogenizer mixer machine. After many exchanges between us, we have given a price proposal that meets the requirements of our customers. Based on the customer’s recognition of our company’s professionalism and positive attitude towards our service, the customer decided to select our company from many companies as their supplier of vacuum homogenizing emulsifier, and decided to purchase our company’s machine MWM-100L Automatic Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer/vacuum homogenizer mixer machine.

After signing the contract with the customer, our pre-production team and customers checked the details and technical parameters of the Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer again to avoid mistakes. After all the preparations have been completed, we will receive the advance payment from the customer, and then we will arrange the production department for production immediately.

After 30 days of production and testing, we send the test results to the customers, and they arrange the balance immediately after the customers confirm it. Our delivery team is responsible for shipment, so as to ensure that the customer receives the goods within the shortest time. Customer praise us as a professional Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer Manufacturer.The machine arrived at the American port by ship. Customers arranged to clear customs and pick up the goods. After receiving the Vacuum Homogenizing Emulsifier Mixer,they were very satisfied with our machine and sent us pictures of the machine in their factory. They also emailed us that the machine was very good,the cosmetic cream they made is of good quality. and hoped that they would have more opportunities to cooperate in the future.

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