The operation of liquid filling machine

Stack the boxes with empty bottles on the tray. Put the tray from the conveyor belt to the unloading tray machine, and then remove the tray one by one. The box and the conveyor are delivered to the unpacking machine and the empty bottle is removed from the box. The empty containers are conveyed to the washing machine by the conveyor belt, after cleaning, the empty containers are delivered to the packing machine so that the bottles containing the drinks are easy to loaded into them. Empty bottles removed from the unpacking machine can be put into the bottle washer to disinfection and cleaning by another conveyor. The beverage is filled into the bottle by the filling machine. Bottles filled with drinks sealed by capping machine and sealed to the labeling machine. After affixed to the label, they are sent to the boxer to be loaded into the box and then sent to the stacker tray for stacking on the tray and putting into the warehouse.

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