Adhesive Super Glue Filling Machine is an automatic machine that controls fluids, drips, coats, and seals liquids on the surface of the product or inside the product to make it sealed, fixed and waterproof. It is a two-component glue. It is mainly used for glue, oil and other liquids in the product process for bonding, pouring, coating, sealing, filling. The automatic glue filling machine can realize the filling of irregular shapes such as dots, lines, arcs and circles.

Applicable liquids for gluing machines:

The glue commonly used in the filling machine is generally a two-component glue. Of course, it is also suitable for single-component glue. Among them, A glue is the main agent and B glue is the curing agent. The most widely used glues on the market are epoxy resin, polyurethane, silicone, and the ratio of curing agent to curing agent is 1: 1, 2: 1, 5: 1. 4: 3, 10: 1 mostly.

Application fields of glue filling machine:

The glue filling machine is commonly used for LED display glue, LED energy saving lamp glue, LED power glue, LED light bar, computer power glue, relay module glue, sensor glue, PCB board glue, solar panel glue , Coil inductance potting, soft light bar potting, point light potting, LED surface mount screen potting, etc.

As an Automatic Glue Filling Machine Manufacturer, share with you the classification:

(1) Simple glue filling machine, the composition is relatively simple, two buckets, one cylinder, the glue is pressed out by gas pressure to mix, the general ratio is roughly 1: 1, mainly used in some low-end, glue filling Products with less stringent process requirements.

(2) Semi-automatic gluing machine. This type of gluing machine can realize automatic mixing of various proportions of glue, but this type of gluing machine does not have a motion control platform. It directly injects glue into the product to be filled. It is generally applicable. For LED energy-saving lamps, power.

(3) Automatic gluing machine. This type of gluing machine can not only realize the automatic mixing of various proportions of glue, but also achieve the requirements of mixed gluing operations in the ratio of 1: 1 to -10: 1, and it has a motion control platform. It can take a straight line or a three-dimensional path. Among them, the three-dimensional path is relatively high-end. It is generally controlled by a computer and is suitable for various types of products. Automatic glue-filling machine is used for large-area glue-filling. Products with relatively uniform glue-filling requirements are most commonly used.

(4) On-line gluing machine. This type of gluing machine has the highest degree of automation. The automatic gluing operation of the assembly line has been successfully applied to the gluing operation of battery covers and bulb lamps.

Control operation type classification

There are two main modes of domestic glue machine control operation, which are touch screen control and computer control:

Touch screen control

Built-in touch screen, control the proportion of glue mixing, glue size and speed;

Computer control

The computer control panel is used to set the relevant glue filling path, which is simple and fast. It can clearly see whether the glue filling position is deviation through the visual system, so that it can be processed as soon as possible to ensure the quality of the glue product. Our company also has Glue Filling Machine With 304ss on sale, welcome to consult.

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