adhesive super glue filling machine

Adhesive Super Glue Filling Machine


An adhesive super glue filling machine automatically manages fluids, drips, coats, and seals liquids on or within products to seal, fix, and waterproof them. Two-component adhesive. Bonding, pouring, covering, sealing, and filling with glue, oil, and other liquids are its principal applications. This adhesive filling machine can fill irregular shapes such as dots, lines, arcs, and circles.

Adhesive Super Glue Filling Machine Classifications

As an Automatic Glue Filling Machine Manufacturer, we share with you its classifications:

(1) Simple Glue Filling Machine

Simple composition: two buckets, one cylinder, gas pressure to mix glue, and a 1:1 ratio. Mainly applicable in low-end glue-filling goods with low process restrictions.

(2) Semi-Automatic Glue Filling Machine

This gluing machine can automatically mix different glue amounts but has no motion control platform. To fill the product, it injects adhesive directly. Power for LED energy-saving lights.

(3) Automatic Glue Filling Machine

This gluing machine includes a motion control platform and can automatically combine different glue proportions from 1: 1 to -10: 1. The route might be linear or three-dimensional. A three-dimensional route is among the best. 

It is computer-controlled and suitable for many types of products. For widespread glueing, automated glue-filling equipment is ideal. Most glue filling has to be standard across all items.

(4) On-Line Glue Filling Machine

This automatic glue machine is the most advanced of its kind. The assembly line’s automatic gluing process has been effective for attaching battery covers and light bulb bases.

Control Operation Type Classification

There are two main modes of domestic glue machine control operation, which are touchscreen control and computer control.

🔵 Touch screen control

Built-in touch screen controls the proportion of glue mixing, glue size and speed.

🔵 Computer control

Setting the glue-filling route on the computer control panel is easy and quick. The visual system can detect glue-filling position errors so they can be handled quickly to assure glue product quality. 

Applicable liquids for gluing machines:

Generally, two components make up the glue that is often used in filling machines. It works well with single-component glue, of course. A glue serves as the primary agent and B glue is the curing agent among them. 

The most popular glues available are silicone, epoxy resin, and polyurethane. The curing agent to curing agent ratio is 1:1, 2:1, and 5:1. Mostly 4: 3, 10: 1.

Application fields of glue filling machine:

The glue filling machine is widely applicable in various industries such as;

  • Coil inductance potting
  • soft light bar potting
  • point light potting
  • LED surface mount screen potting
  • LED display glue
  • LED energy-saving lamp glue
  • LED power glue
  • LED light bar
  • computer power glue
  • relay module glue
  • sensor glue
  • PCB board glue
  • solar panel glue, etc.

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