The bottle is driven by the Filling Machine to rotate around the main vertical shaft for continuous filling. This sauce filling machine is mainly composed of fluid conveying (ie feeding system), container conveying (ie bottle feeding system), filling valve, large turntable, transmission system, body, automatic control and so on for the Detergent Filling Machine.

The bottle is completed in the paste filling machine in sequence: 1, intake, 2, return to the gas; 3, stop the liquid; 4, remove the remaining liquid and other four steps of the liquid soap filling machine. At the same time, all kinds of detection status sensors on the production line are all connected to the PLC, and the PLC controls the whole system by the programmed program according to the detection state of the sensor.

The filling valve assembly consists of a liquid valve, a gas injection pipe, a gas valve, a centering hood, an exhaust valve, etc. The PLC collects signals of the sanitizer filling line:

  1. Filler bottle tray pressure 2. Centering cap pressure 3. Air valve pressure 4. Defective product pressure 5. Maximum hydraulic pressure 6. Minimum hydraulic pressure

PLC output signal for the lotion filling line:

  1. Conveyor belt 2. Bottle tray 3. Air valve 4. Filling valve 5. Defective indicator 6. Defective conveyor 7. Disposable product 8. Inlet valve 9. Return pipe 10. Capping machine 11. Packaging machine Press normal workflow

Press the start button to transfer the wheel and the filler starts. Press the conveyor start button again and the filling conveyor belt of the ketchup filling machine starts. After the bottle enters the conveyor belt, the bottles are equally spaced into the bottle by passing the wheels

Disk lifting mechanism. When the pallet detects pressure, the tray piston presses the tray lift mechanism and the tray begins to rise with the bottle. During the rise time of the tray, the maximum rise time is 6S. If the pressure is detected in the center of the mayonnaise filling nozzle, the tray stops rising, and then the valve opens to start filling the bottle with CO2. The maximum inflation time is 6S. When the air valve detects the air pressure, it stops charging CO2, the liquid valve opens, and the filling starts. The filling time is 6S. After the filling is completed, the tray starts for the Face Cream Filling Machine.

During the lowering and lowering process, the liquid valve is closed at the same time, the return air pipe works, and the exhaust gas and the residual liquid operation are started. The lowered bottle is then rotated a certain angle by the transfer wheel, while the bottle tray continues forward to the next cycle of the Mayonnaise Filling Machine.

When a defective product is detected: 1. When the defective product is a bursting bottle

In the normal cream filling process, when the maximum tray time rises by 6S, the pressure is not detected in the centering of the filling nozzle (the bottle is bursting, the height is insufficient), the tray starts to fall, and the defective light is on, and the tray is lowered. 6S. The tray is lowered and waiting to enter the next cycle. At the same time, the defective detector is activated of the syrup filling machine.

  1. When the defective product is broken: Connect to the normal filling process. When the maximum inflation time is 6S, the air valve does not detect the air pressure (breaking the bottle, CO2 is not full), then stop charging CO2, and the bottle tray starts to drop. The product indicator light is on, the tray fall time is 6S, the tray is lowered to wait for the next cycle, and the defective product detector is startedof the Honey Filling Machine.
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