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As a Liquid Filling Machine Manufacturer, share with you.

First, the glue filling machine industry must do a good job in technological innovation. Technical innovation is the source of the development and progress of the glue machine industry. Without continuous development of technology and continuous product upgrades, the performance of the glue machine has no guarantee of expansion. The new technology can open up new performance for the glue dispenser, and can also bring reliable competitiveness to the glue dispenser. In the next few years, market competition will become more and more fierce. If the company wants to have a market expansion, it must have a leading or different advantage from competitors in the technology of the glue dispenser. This advantage comes from technological innovation.

Second, the Liquid Glue Filling Machine industry needs to continuously grasp and forecast market demand. The new requirements for the packaging of glue dispensers in the market, various packaging technology problems, and various new requirements have emerged. The glue dispenser companies in the industry must not only understand and master at all times, but also launch the most appropriate glue dispensers. Machine products. Combined with the development trend of glue dispenser technology, the glue dispenser is continuously pushed to a higher level to meet the diverse and personalized packaging needs in the market. It is also necessary to be able to grasp future demand trends and inject fresh blood into the development of enterprises in the production of machinery.

Finally, the glue filling machine industry must avoid redundant construction and invest capital in new technology and new product development. Due to rapid development, a lot of capital has entered the glue dispenser industry, but many have carried out repeated construction and caused waste of capital.

Industry application direction of glue filling machine

1.) Electro-acoustic industry: speakers, speakers, audio, buzzer, headphones mp3 / mp4;

2.) Communication industry: mobile phone shell bonding, mobile phone keys, telephones, fax machines, walkie-talkies;

3.) LED industry: LED bulb, point light source, light strip;

4.) Inductor industry: SMD transformer, small transformer, inductance coil, small coil motor, relay;

5.) Electronics industry: integrated circuits, electronic components, electronic parts fixing, circuit board solder paste, LCD liquid crystal screen;

6.) Optical industry: optical lens, optical head, magnetic head;

7.) Wire industry: switch, wire, connector, plug connection line;

8.) Crafts industry: stickers, signs, labels, stickers;

9.) Clothing industry: buttons, key chains, underwear buttons, pendants, chains, socks.

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