How to use filling machine?

Here I will tell you the use of filling machine.

Once this power conveyors have been adjusted, bottles should be lined up in the fill area and under the fill heads. If moving from one bottle to another, the fill head position may need to be adjusted. This, again, is simple enough to achieve by loosening a hand knob and sliding the fill head into position over the line of bottles before re-securing the nozzle.

Once the fill heads are all in position, some adjustment or changeover of indexing system components may also be required. For instance, if using pin indexing, the entry and exit gates will need to be relocated behind the first bottle and in front of the last bottle. These gates hold the bottles to be filled in place, but different bottle or container shapes and sizes will require different locations for the pins.

filling machine
filling machine

This is usually accomplished by loosening a bolt to slide the pin into position. Star wheel and screw indexing systems may require changing out one star wheel or screw for one of a different size. Again, this is usually accomplished with the loosening and tightening of a few bolts.

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