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When using Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer to emulsify materials, in order not to affect the emulsification effect of the materials, it is necessary to choose appropriate emulsification equipment and emulsifiers. As we all know, the poor choice of emulsifier will directly reflect the emulsification result of the material and affect the use of the material. So how to choose an emulsifier? Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer Supplier will tell you:

We all know that the emulsification equipment that completes the two-phase mixing of water and oil in an emulsifier is an emulsifier. Emulsifier is a general term for emulsification equipment. There are many types of emulsifiers, mainly these three types;

  • emulsification mixer
  • Colloid mill
  • homogenizer

They are all equipment for emulsification, but they have their own characteristics and advantages.

This requires us to choose the emulsification equipment according to our own emulsification materials and the requirements to be achieved. Because different emulsifiers have different structures, properties, and masses of the milky liquids they form.

In addition to the emulsifier, we have to face the choice. In the emulsification process, there is one more thing that we need to choose. That is the emulsifier, which is a surfactant that helps to form a relatively stable emulsion during the emulsification process. When choosing, there are several places that are worth noting: we need to choose an emulsifier that is similar to the emulsified substance with a hydrophobic base. The selected emulsifier should be easy to dissolve. You can also choose several emulsifiers to mix according to your needs. For use, we generally recommend that you choose a mixture of emulsifiers with better hydrophilicity and emulsifiers with better lipophilicity.

In the process of cosmetic production and preparation, the emulsification time and emulsification temperature will greatly affect the stability of the emulsion.

Emulsification time

Impact: The emulsification time has a great influence on the quality of the emulsified body. The amount of emulsification time is closely related to the efficiency of the emulsification equipment.

Determining factors: The length of the emulsification time should be determined according to the volume ratio and viscosity of the oil and water phases, the viscosity of the emulsified body, the type and amount of emulsifier, and the emulsification temperature.

In order to make the system sufficiently emulsified, the emulsification time can be determined based on experience and experiments.

Emulsification temperature

Effect: The emulsification temperature has a great effect on the emulsified body, but there is no strict limit on the temperature.

Determining factors: The emulsification temperature depends on the solubility of the oil-water two-phase, the solubility of the high melting point substances contained, and the type of emulsifier.

Generally, the emulsification temperature is controlled between 75 and 85 degrees Celsius, and the temperature of the oil and water phases must be kept the same.

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