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Automatic Liquid Filling Machine

The Automatic Liquid Filling Machine‘s fundamental structure optimizes efficiency. The filling machine contains 10 “heads” or nozzles. A small footprint, functional layout, simple maintenance, and easy assembly and disassembly are all important factors. 

The primary structure stabilizes and supports work execution, transmission, and control systems and ensures their accuracy and stability. 

Automatic Liquid Filling Machine Structure and Advantages

  1. Bend-welded stainless steel plate makes up this machine’s structure. This construction is stable and sturdy. 
  2. The vacuum system removes gas from the container to create negative pressure. 
  3. The liquid supply system transfers liquid from the tank to the bottle via the filling head. The liquid intake closes when the liquid level is right.  
  4. The suction port removes extra liquids and foam. The above-mentioned primary process requires a vacuum system, liquid supply management system, liquid tank, filling head, etc. 
  5. The lifting mechanism lifts bottles. The bottle is put on the pallet and lifted using a lifting cam. This involves raising and rotating continuously.
  6. Through the filling valve manufacturing process, the transmission system operates. A screw conveyor brings smoothing bottle sorting machine empty bottles to the machine. Carried to the machine at intervals and sent to the bottle star wheel.
  7. The bottle-feeding star wheel revolves evenly to transport bottles to the filling machine’s bottle holder. The bottle holder and filling valve spin together. 

More Machine Structure and Advantages

  1. The bottle lifting mechanism raises the empty bottle, inserts the filling head, evacuates the vacuum system, exhausts the liquid, and stops it. 
  2. The central star bottle transfers the bottle to the capping machine’s bottle holder after filling, and the machine caps it. Finally, the bottle star wheel delivers the bottle. Move it to another manufacturing process. 
  3. Semi-Auto Liquid Filling Machine transmission system can perform the following actions: primary transmission to screw bottle feeder, bottle star wheel in and out, centre star wheel, filling system, and capping system.
  4. Transmission chain conveyors move bottles. Traction transmission chains use the most popular plate chain. The traction transmission chain wears, the pitch increases, the transmission chain elongates, and sags during operation. 
  5. For daily transmission chain functioning, the transmission chain must suitably mesh with the sprocket teeth. You must set the drive chain tensioner. The center point distance between the driving and driven sprockets cannot be altered, therefore a moving driven sprocket support seat cannot tighten the transmission chain. A tensioning wheel is needed to tension the transmission chain and set the spiral institutions that tension regularly.

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