In terms of the main structure, the major components of the Automatic Liquid Filling Machine are generally designed from the aspect of overall layout. The number of filling heads of the filling machine is ten. In the design, special attention must be paid to the compact structure, reasonable layout, simple maintenance, and convenient assembly and disassembly. The significance of the main structure is to stabilize and support all work execution parts, transmission parts, and control systems, and to ensure the correctness and stability of their corresponding parts. The main frame of this machine is made of stainless steel plate and is welded by bending. This structure not only guarantees stability, but also looks sturdy. The vacuum system draws out the gas in the bottle, so that a negative pressure can be formed in the bottle. The liquid passes from the liquid tank through the liquid supply system, and is filled into the bottle by the filling head. When the liquid reaches the required level, the liquid inlet is closed. , The suction port will remove the excess liquid and foam. In order to realize the above-mentioned main process, it is necessary to have a structure such as a vacuum system, a liquid supply control system, a liquid tank, a filling head, etc. These sections will be described in detail below.

The lifting system realizes the lifting action of the bottle. The bottle is placed on the pallet, and the lifting system composed of a lifting cam is used to realize the lifting movement. This is a continuous process, lifting and moving while turning.

The transmission system runs through the production process of the filling valve to realize its operation process: the empty bottles smoothed from the bottle sorting machine are transported to the machine by a screw conveyor and transported to the machine at a corresponding interval and then sent to the bottle star wheel The bottles are transferred to the bottle holder of the filling machine by the bottle feeding star wheel which rotates at an even speed. The bottle holder and the filling valve rotate at the same speed. The bottle lifting device lifts up the empty bottle, inserts the filling head into the bottle, the vacuum system evacuates, the liquid is exhausted, and the liquid is stopped. After all the filling processes are completed, the bottle is transferred to the bottle holder of the capping machine via the center star bottle, and the cap is realized by the capping machine. Finally, the bottle is sent out by the bottle star wheel to the bottle delivery. Take it to another process on the production line. It can be seen that the transmission system of the Semi-Auto Liquid Filling Machine must realize the following actions: from the main transmission to the screw bottle feeder, the bottle star wheel in and out, the center star wheel, the filling system, and the capping system.

The bottle is conveyed by a transmission chain conveyor. The most common plate chain is used for the traction transmission chain. During the operation process of the transmission chain conveying device, the traction transmission chain is subject to wear, the pitch is gradually enlarged, the transmission chain is elongated, and sags are prone to occur. In order to reasonably mesh the transmission chain with the sprocket teeth and ensure the daily operation of the transmission chain Be sure to set the drive chain tensioner. Since the center point distance between the driving sprocket and the driven sprocket cannot be adjusted, it is not feasible to use a moving driven sprocket support seat to tension the transmission chain; it is necessary to use a tensioning wheel to tension the transmission chain and set the spiral Institutions that carry out regular tensioning.

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