Automatic washing machineSummary

  • Main technical parameters.
  • How it works.
  • Operation and use.
  • Prepare before boot
  • Boot
  • Adjust
  • Repair and maintenance
  • Breakdown of breakable parts.
  • Schematic diagram (appendix).
  • Electrical control schematic diagram
  • electrical external wiring diagram
  • frequency converter usage manual

I .WASHING MACHINE Main technical parameters

Bottle Washing Machine is mainly made up of rotary-type bottle-drawing machine, electric control box, 1. 0 m conveyor belt and drum cleaning unit. Can be combined with oven, filling machine and other equipment to form an automatic production line, but also used for washing bottles. The bottle passes through the conveyor belt, and then the bottle is fed into the drum by the pulley. The bottle is cleaned internally or externally at the bottom of the box, and the residual water droplets inside and outside the bottle are controlled during the rollover process to ensure the clean inside and outside of the bottle. Widely suitable for cleaning glass bottles and high strength plastic bottles and iron cans

Electric three-phase 50HZ AC, frequency conversion control AC motor speed. The machine has compact structure, small area, good energy saving effect, simple operation, good reliability, easy maintenance and adjustment.

II . Technical parameters

Capacity: 1500-2000 bottles / hour

Water (steam) consumption: 0.2-0.3 m3 / h

Motor type: main motor BPY802-4 0.75KW

Bottle dialing machine 0.90KW 220V

Conveyor belt electromechanical machine 0.90KW 220V

Mainframe shape size: 2000 × 800 × 1100  (length × width × height, unit: mm)

III.Bottle washing machine Working principles

The process flow of the machine is as follows :

The manual release bottle conveyer belt sends the bottle to dial the wheel to pull the bottle and the drum to wash the bottle, all the movements are realized through the mechanical transmission, each action coordinates correctly.

  1. Operation and use
  2. Preparation before operation
  3. The power supply is connected with the three-phase 50HZ alternating current, the supply voltage is 380\ 220V, and the power supply is connected to the L1L2L2L3Pe.
  4. Connect to a pipe or steam pipe.
  5. Oil-free compressed air connected to 0.4-0.6kg/cm2.


This machine is easy to operate, the conveyor belt motor, the flask motor, the main motor respectively correspond to the switch button on the operation panel to stop the button (red button, the main motor is frequency conversion speed regulation, through the frequency converter operation panel knob on the knob adjusts the main motor working frequency, That is, real output regulation. (pay attention to the rotation direction of the pulley when starting)

Turn on the knob switch power supply master switch, the touch screen operator in the main control screen select Chinese or English touch into the key, enter the boot screen (boot area) full start button, stop the button, click the test machine button, Mushroom head button for the emergency stop button, when the emergency, you can press the emergency stop button bottle motor to stop the main motor. To resume work: turn the mushroom head button out clockwise and retouch the full-start button boot operation.

The operation of the machine is relatively simple. Turn on the power and follow the screen prompt to operate.

  1. Adjustment

The whole machine is adjusted and tested before leaving the factory, and the user does not need to adjust again. If the user changes the product specification or bottle size, it should be adjusted by the manufacturer’s professional personnel.

  1. Maintenance and maintenance

The design of this machine is mainly for convenience and less maintenance, but periodic inspection can prolong the service life of the machine.

Limit and ensure smooth operation.

  1. Clean up the slag in time to ensure the conveyer belt and track smooth, ensure the table clean, no accumulation of stains, to maintain hygiene.
  2. Daily lubricate the bearing bushing of the moving parts, clean the inner gear of the box every month, and apply butter again.
  3. Check fasteners for looseness and good contact with motors, electrical components and joints.

Schematic diagram

  • Electrical control schematic diagram
  • Electrical external wiring diagram

Specification for use of Inverter



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