Our company has international standards, provides optimal solutions, and continuously develops the global market. So far, our equipment has been exported to more than 100 countries around the world. The equipment has passed the CE certification of the European Union and meets the GMP standard. It is popular in many European countries. Today, a MWM-1000L Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer Machine will be sent to Hungary.


In 2012, Hungary’s famous cosmetics company and our company first met our vacuum homogenizer. They wanted to choose a machine that could produce many kinds of daily chemical products. Their main products are cream, hand cream, hair dye, facial mask, baby skin care products, shampoo, shower gel and so on. We recommend our MWM Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer. This machine has two kinds of agitators: 1. Low-speed wall stirring: can stir thick materials and powder materials at a speed of 0-50 RPM, 2. High shear homogeneous head: 0-2900 rpm. This machine can produce high viscous cream, especially face cream, ointment, emulsion products. Usually, problems encountered in the production of such products are often encountered. It is the large particle size of the dispenser and the mixing of air in the product during stirring that results in the instability of the emulsifier and the lack of luster. When air is mixed into cream, air bubbles will be produced, bacterial contamination will occur, oxides will be easily oxidized and the appearance of paste will not be smooth. Our mixer can solve these problems precisely. Our High Speed Emulsifying Mixer adopts vacuum mode and no more bubbles are mixed in the mixing process, so as to ensure that we can produce glossy, delicate and high-quality cream.


Hungarian customers purchased one of the MWM-5L Automatic Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer. They were very satisfied after receiving it. In 2014, they purchased another MWM-650L and MWM-250L Vacuum Homogenizing Emulsifier Mixer. And this year, another MWM-1000L Vacuum emulsifying mixer machine was purchased. Now this machine has passed the product quality test, will be shipping to Hungary, and then our workers will go to the customer factory for installation and commissioning, and successfully complete the after-sales service.

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